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How We Work - Raf Marsh and FanFinders
Raf talks to Fugo about what the FanFinders team have learned from years of working remotely successfully & flexible work as the model for the future.
28 May, 2021
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How To Set Up Amazon Fire TV Stick For Easy Digital Signage: A Beginner’s Guide
Amazon Fire TV Sticks are Fugo’s favorite media player for turning any screen into a smart digital signage display! Check out how to get started with a fire stick and Fugo subscription.
13 May, 2021
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NFTs IRL - How Galleries Can Display NFTs Using Digital Signage
NFTs have provided an invaluable way for artists to own and share their work. They’re deserving of an equally amazing way to showcase to a physical audience.
29 April, 2021
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The Perfect Value Exchange: Alec Dobbie On Putting Consumers In Charge with FanFinders
Alec Dobbie wants brands to stop spamming customers. He talks to Fugo about building his performance marketing company FanFinders to do just that.
25 March, 2021
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The 30 Minute Mentor: Adam Mendler On His Storied Career As a Leader & Listener
Adam Mendler really wants you to do things you're passionate about. For him, that's been many things - entrepreneurship, speaking, writing, & podcasting. In this Founder Files installment, he chats with the Fugo team about it all.
02 March, 2021
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Making It Rain(e): Designer & author Nova Lorraine on building her multimedia company
Team Fugo interviews Nova Lorraine - award winning fashion designer, author, and founder of Raine Magazine, a platform for creative entrepreneurs.
01 March, 2021
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No Room In The Bin: Jacob Wedderburn-Day on starting Stasher to help travellers store luggage anywhere
Stasher co-founder Jacob Wedderburn-Day talks to the Fugo team about his travel tech startup that makes travelling with luggage a whole lot easier.
25 February, 2021
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How We Work: Benjamin Carew On the Flexible Work Revolution & Steering the Othership
Benjamin talks to Fugo about what the Othership team have learned from years of working remotely successfully & flexible work as the model for the future.
22 February, 2021
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New to Fugo: Strengthen remote employee engagement at scale with Company TV Channels
Create a company TV channel in Fugo to share company updates, team KPIs, secure data dashboards, reminders, employee recognition and more! Share your channel via URL or embed into your site or intranet!
19 February, 2021
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Coffee Meets Community: RWRD's Miles Bailey on his search for the UK’s best brews & supporting independent businesses
Fugo interviews Miles Biley for our Founder Files series. Check out the story of how he started RWRD - the app helping UK coffee drinkers discover their local independent coffee makers.
15 February, 2021
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Why Fugo Joined The Family
The Family provides fuel and direction by bestowing us with a network of founders, other amazing businesses, and investors.
25 January, 2021
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The Best Digital Signage of 2020
The coolest ways businesses all over the world used screens in 2020.
23 December, 2020
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Case Study: UK Community Radio Station Swindon 105.5 Uses Digital Signage To Update Their News Team
Swindon 105.5 shares how Fugo helps their station use digital signage to update their news team, inform volunteers on studio news, and keep a safe & tight ship under COVID-19 restrictions.
21 December, 2020
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Fugo's 2020 Guide to The Best Black Friday Deals on TVs, Media Players, & More
Where to shop the best Black Friday deals on TV’s, media players, and more for digital signage!
26 November, 2020
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Saying Hello To Fugo and Goodbye To Pixelart
Today we’re announcing the launch of Fugo! We’ll be saying goodbye to Pixelart December 14, 2020. Here’s what that’s going to mean for our Pixelart user community.
16 November, 2020
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Pixelart Is Now Fugo
Pixelart is rebranding as Fugo. Check out the story for why we decided to make the change!
16 October, 2020
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Paper-based comms - a thing of the past, right?
Print or digital: who wins in an eco-friendly faceoff? We explore some stats around global print waste and make our case for digital comms!
19 August, 2020
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Going Remote: Shift Show or Sh*t Show?
For many, moving from office work to remote work hasn’t been so much of a shift as it has been an all out scramble 😳. A collective “wtf” moment shared by scores of newly remote teams across the globe.
25 June, 2020
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How COVID-19 Is Changing the Future of Digital Signage
Peering into a crystal ball is always a bit hazy, isn’t it?
17 June, 2020
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