Securely display any dashboard on your workplace TV screens

TV dashboards replace emails & link sharing by keeping data & KPIs front-of-mind, so your conversations can be about the data, instead of getting the data.

Workplace digital signage
Engage & connect your entire workforce
Most organizations face challenges in scaling the delivery of communications, especially when targeting frontline & deskless workers. Fugo-connected TV screens dynamically generate content from your work tools, streamlining communication across your entire enterprise and ensuring all employees stay informed, irrespective of their work environment.
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2 male employees and 2 female employees stand against a wall underneath a TV dashboard that's mounted on the wall and displaying mockup business intelligence data.2 male employees and 2 female employees stand against a wall underneath a TV dashboard that's mounted on the wall and displaying mockup business intelligence data.
The easiest way to share your data at scale
Boost the accessibility of your company data without the need for additional costly user seats on your data platform, resorting to public URL sharing, or building massive email workflows to disseminate data to the appropriate people.
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Display any dashboard or web page
Our platform-agnostic tool is built to access just about any dashboard or web page that lives behind a secure login.
A screenshot of Fugo's TV dashboard software shows the user interface for connected a TV screen to popular business intelligence platforms.
Embed inside other platforms
Share dashboards to your TV screens or embed them in company intranets & channels like Slack or Notion.
A new, secure approach to data display
Dashboard credentials are handled securely in the Cloud, not on your player device. And the data display is essentially a live image slideshow, not a doorway into a protected store of data.
Easily distribute to the right people
Display the right data to the right teams across departments & locations with our easy publishing tools. And, include dashboards & KPIs into your wider content flow with company updates & more.
Optimize for tv
Make your dashboards more TV-screen friendly
Most dashboard tools don’t work for TV & only have desktop users in mind. Use Fugo to crop & customize dashboard data to display more effectively on TV screens. And create slick presentations to cycle through multiple data sets.
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On premise dashboard solution
Display self-hosted dashboards too
Our TV Dashboards feature can also run on your local servers for enhanced security and compliance.
Leverage it to showcase your self-hosted reports, dashboards, and desktop apps on digital signage screens.
Ensure your data doesn’t leave your local network
Remain compliant with industry regulations about data control
Keep your data displays within your on-premise infrastructure
Discover on premise dashboards
Security is critical for you. Us too.

Advanced Permissions

Specify who can access and create what, with granular precision.

Secure TV Dashboards

Share confidential business intelligence safely on screens without exposing credentials.

Single Sign On (SSO)

OpenId & SAML lets you manage access to Fugo via your existing user directory.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Fugo TV Dashboards can be configured to work with the 2FA & MFA protocols you’ve set up for your dashboards.

Data Encryption

All Fugo servers encrypt data in transit and at rest with industry tested and accepted standards.


Your data is stored and transferred via secure, encrypted GDPR and CCPA compliant systems.


Fugo is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of secure computing infrastructure.

Whitelist IP Addresses

Allow your users to access Fugo services and pages securely through designated, safe IP addresses.

Rigorous Design

Each product development passes through security design reviews and are vetted to make sure they pass IT security muster.

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Put any data on a TV dashboard
Need to streamline operations among your transportation fleet? Track your ad budget & performance in real-time? Motivate your sales or support teams by showing deals closed, revenue earned, ticket response time or customer satisfaction scores? Do any - and all - of this on TV screens!
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Real world impact
How Nordward drives company-wide data adoption with Fugo & Chrome Enterprise
Christian Ahlin
IT Manager, CIO, Nordward
"We have everything based in the Google workspace & the Google Cloud platform. The data platform we use is Looker - we have a big query backend & for that Fugo has been the best setup to actually display our real-time data on our screens live in our company."
How it works
It’s easy to set up TV dashboards in Fugo
All you need to get started is a Fugo account & the URL of your dashboard. Fugo will walk you through the process of connecting & displaying your dashboard step by step. And our dashboards support team is always on hand to help.
1. Pair your screen to Fugo
Pair your screen to Fugo CMS. It’s quick to set up on any smart TV, professional display or digital signage player.
2. Connect your dashboard
Follow the prompts in the step recorder to teach Fugo how to access your dashboard URL & screenshot what’s inside.
3. Push it to your screen
Once Fugo can access your dashboard, we’ll screenshot it at set intervals & automatically update it on your screen(s).
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Frequently asked questions

What is a TV dashboard?

A TV dashboard is just a dashboard designed to be displayed on a TV screen, usually mounted on an office wall individually or as part of a larger video wall. It allows teams to monitor things like productivity, progress toward goals and performance vs previous periods—all at a glance.

How does the dashboards feature work?

Fugo Dashboards lets you display password-protected or iframe-restricted websites that sit behind credentials on your digital signage screens, using a secure service to keep your data safe.

We do this in the back-end of our cloud service using a Chrome browser extension that captures real-time screenshots of the data you want to display live on screen without storing your browser data.

The extension records your steps as you login to the URL of your choice (such as Tableau, for example) and navigate to the dashboard you want to display. Fugo then renders an auto-updating snapshot of your dashboard for you to preview and then publish to screen.

What can I use the dashboards feature for?

Fugo Dashboards is useful for anyone wanting to:

- Display dashboards and web pages with basic authentication (user ID or email/password)

- Show content that lives past a login, such as graphics or data hosted on a web page

- Share sensitive or internal information without risking the security of your company data

- Avoid data risks or regulatory consequences with a GDPR-compliant system

Can I display more than one dashboard on my screen(s)?

Yep. The easiest way to do this is to loop multiple dashboards together in a playlist. This will act like a slideshow that scrolls from one dashboard to the next automatically. You can even control how long each dashboard displays before it transitions to the next one.

Do I need to configure my TV dashboards differently from my other dashboards?

You don’t have to, but you can. Most dashboard tools allow you to build multiple dashboards with the same or similar data, removing and adding certain portions of your dashboards. You may want to have a simpler dashboard for your TV display, so it’s easy to read at a glance. Remember that viewing data on screen is not the same as viewing it on a computer - your audience is farther away, so before displaying them with Fugo, you might want to configure TV dashboards with fewer items on them to make them easier to read and understand. Since the data automatically updates, you just need to build each dashboard once.

Why do I need a TV dashboard if I can access the same information on a computer?

Companies are producing more and more data, but it’s often locked behind logins. Most individuals and teams may not know which metrics are most important or even how to check them. And even if they do, it’s often time-consuming to get it. Most BI systems can spin up a dashboard into a URL, albeit a public one which in and of itself can be a security risk.

The problem is, it’s not always easy to securely get your important data in front of the people who need it. In fact, 60% of data-deprived employees report that it takes them hours or days to get the information they need to make a data-driven decision. With a TV dashboard on an office wall, your team can see and interpret their data with just a glance. Because the data is so accessible, it’s easy for everyone in your org to spot issues and opportunities for improvement.

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