Securely display TV dashboards on your workplace screens

TV dashboards replace unnecessary meetings, interruptions, emails & link sharing by keeping data & KPIs front-of-mind, so your conversations can start being about the data, instead of getting the data.

Fugo supports most of your favorite business dashboard tools


Rest assured your data is secure

Historically, digital signage CMS providers haven’t been able to share dashboards on-screen without making them public via URL or exposing your login credentials to your devices. That is, until now.

Fugo’s design minimizes exposure of your credentials and data. Credentials are stored encrypted in AWS Secrets Manager and are only accessible to dedicated, private servers that exist solely to execute Fugo’s Dashboards code. This approach means organizations can rest assured their data is protected & their credentials truly kept secure.

Data visualization & digital signage go hand in hand.
For a data-driven business to succeed, access to key data points at all times fuels performance. But for many orgs, data is still stuck at the top - locked behind expensive logins & departmental silos. The insights-starved need answers that find them as they work and make decisions.
There’s no better way to scale out your data visualization strategy than by setting up TV dashboards for offices & deskless workplaces. With Fugo, you can do that without sacrificing security or flexibility. The result? Performance that’s visible, easy to understand, and actionable for everyone.

Unlock your data

You shouldn't have to share links to multiple tools or reports for people to get the full view of how things are going. With Fugo, you can get your data out of departmental silos without licensing issues by putting it on screen. Easily scale the number of employees who can see your decision-critical data.

Adapt to data in real-time

Stop wasting time emailing out your dashboard URLs. Get data in front of teams right when they need it. Fugo updates your data in real time and in screen-ready format so you can display data faster.

Empower your teams to perform

Sharing data with every employee who needs it impacts decisions at every level of the business, from C-Suite down to front line workers, uniting everyone around your goals & mission and giving them the info they need to make performance-boosting real time decisions.

Engage & connect your entire workforce

Employees are happier, healthier, and more engaged when they have the information they need to succeed at their jobs. Companies with an engaged workforce outperform those with an unengaged workforce by a whopping 202%

The easiest way to get your data seen
Quick to set up using a range of off-the-shelf devices
Built to work with most major existing dashboard tools
Create screen-ready playlists that can cycle through multiple dashboards
Include your dashboards and KPI boards into your corporate content flow
Share to your screens or embed inside company intranets and channels like Slack or Notion
Easy to manage remotely & distribute flexibly across departments, locations & teams
How to set up your TV dashboards with Fugo

Pair your screen


Capture your dashboard


Push it to screen

Put any data on a TV dashboard

Need to streamline operations among your transportation fleet? Track your ad budget & performance in real-time? Motivate your sales or support teams by showing deals closed, revenue earned, ticket response time and/or customer satisfaction scores?

TV dashboards can go up anywhere from executive suites all the way to warehouse floors and back offices, closing gaps between the data haves & have-nots.

Thanks to Fugo, we can reach all employees in an easy and reliable way, to constructively and transparently inspire teams to take actions and collaborate to reach their key results. Metric wise, we have improved all over the place - our sales are getting better and our production is faster.

Christian Ahlin

IT Manager, CIO


So what about the bigger picture?

Company TV brings your workforce together around what’s important

Your company is more than its targets & metrics. It’s made up of humans who thrive off connection and collaboration. Workplace screens can bring your entire workforce together around your culture - even those employees who don’t sit at desks or check their email.

Company TV is where your entire workforce can come to see what’s important: from company news and event reminders to employee recognition. Any kind of content is game - integrate Fugo with your favorite business apps or empower your company’s creatives to create unique content inside our design studio.

Popular business apps
Social media feeds
Customizable content templates
Flexible content design studio
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Frequently asked questions

Questions about Fugo Dashboards on your mind? Pick our brains and let’s get some of those Q’s cleared up with answers.
What is a TV dashboard?

A TV dashboard is just a dashboard designed to be displayed on a TV screen, usually mounted on an office wall individually or as part of a larger video wall. It allows teams to monitor things like productivity, progress toward goals and performance vs previous periods—all at a glance.

How does the dashboards feature work?

Fugo Dashboards lets you display password-protected or iframe-restricted websites that sit behind credentials on your digital signage screens, using a secure service to keep your data safe.

We do this in the back-end of our cloud service using a Chrome browser extension that captures real-time screenshots of the data you want to display live on screen without storing your browser data.

The extension records your steps as you login to the URL of your choice (such as Tableau, for example) and navigate to the dashboard you want to display. Fugo then renders an auto-updating snapshot of your dashboard for you to preview and then publish to screen.

What can I use the dashboards feature for?

Fugo Dashboards is useful for anyone wanting to:

- Display dashboards and web pages with basic authentication (user ID or email/password)

- Show content that lives past a login, such as graphics or data hosted on a web page

- Share sensitive or internal information without risking the security of your company data

- Avoid data risks or regulatory consequences with a GDPR-compliant system

Can I display more than one dashboard on my screen(s)?

Yep. The easiest way to do this is to loop multiple dashboards together in a playlist. This will act like a slideshow that scrolls from one dashboard to the next automatically. You can even control how long each dashboard displays before it transitions to the next one.

Do I need to configure my TV dashboards differently from my other dashboards?

You don’t have to, but you can. Most dashboard tools allow you to build multiple dashboards with the same or similar data, removing and adding certain portions of your dashboards. You may want to have a simpler dashboard for your TV display, so it’s easy to read at a glance. Remember that viewing data on screen is not the same as viewing it on a computer - your audience is farther away, so before displaying them with Fugo, you might want to configure TV dashboards with fewer items on them to make them easier to read and understand. Since the data automatically updates, you just need to build each dashboard once.

Why do I need a TV dashboard if I can access the same information on a computer?

Companies are producing more and more data, but it’s often locked behind logins. Most individuals and teams may not know which metrics are most important or even how to check them. And even if they do, it’s often time-consuming to get it. Most BI systems can spin up a dashboard into a URL, albeit a public one which in and of itself can be a security risk.

The problem is, it’s not always easy to securely get your important data in front of the people who need it. In fact, 60% of data-deprived employees report that it takes them hours or days to get the information they need to make a data-driven decision. With a TV dashboard on an office wall, your team can see and interpret their data with just a glance. Because the data is so accessible, it’s easy for everyone in your org to spot issues and opportunities for improvement.

Ready to get going?

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