Make your digital signage interactive with Fugo Touch

Create a more engaging experience for your target audience with our touch screen digital signage software.
Put your customers in control and watch as they explore your products, venue, data, or presentations.

Do more than simply deliver a message
Captivate viewers and drive brand interaction. Whether they’re in an office, a restaurant, hotel lobby, retail store, healthcare facility, your audience’s engagement is crucial.
Customer journey experiences
Improve the in-store experience with interactive digital signage. Enable shoppers to browse product catalogs, swipe through exclusive promotions, participate in polls and surveys, or navigate with store maps—all on-screen.
Visitor & guest experiences
Digitize guest experience with interactive displays offering local guides, service listings, event schedules, or transportation info. You can better serve visitors with touch screen digital signage systems and TV screens that act as virtual concierges.
Employee experiences
Keep your staff informed and engaged with touch-enabled devices strategically placed throughout your workspace. Display current schedules, indoor maps, data dashboards, messages from supervisors, or looping safety videos.
Purpose-built to simplify touch content design
Fugo Touch enables you to engage your audience, putting them in control to explore, discover, and learn - ensuring a memorable and impactful interaction that leaves a lasting impression.
Create interactive experiences without coding
Run on any touch enabled screen, even offline
Drive deeper engagement with your product or messages
Discover on premise dashboards
Discover even more options in Fugo’s Design Studio
Take your content even further with Fugo’s Design Studio - mix & match apps, videos, images, dashboards, and branding elements into your display designs. Fugo offers the flexibility of a professional grade tool with drag & drop simplicity.
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Have a more complex touch project in mind?
Fugo Touch makes it easy to build interactive presentations for simple product directories, wayfinding, or employee portals. But do you need advanced features like menu ordering or POS integration? Our team can integrate your web applications.
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The one & only software tool you need
If you’re designing from scratch, if you already have the content, or it lives on the web, then you can put it on your screens. Fugo has everything you need to create screen-ready content that stays fresh, without having to micro-manage every last change & detail.
Design Studio
Instantly publish or use a simple 3-step playlist builder to get advanced, granular control of your content scheduling across 1 or 1000 screens. You can even trigger content from third party tools through Zapier or integration with our API.
Design Studio
& collaborate
Get your team/s working together on the cloud. Spaces keep your assets organized & separate, while user roles & permissions give you control over who manages what, making it easy to roll out content across departments, locations, or franchises.
Design Studio
Remotely monitor the health of one or all your screens at a glance. Our smart device management dashboard pulls real-time data on all the devices in your network so you can quickly root out & remedy a problem without needing to visit your screen in person.
Design Studio
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