Make your digital signage interactive with Fugo Touch

Create a more engaging experience for your target audience with our touch screen digital signage software. Put your customers in control and watch as they explore your products, venue, data, or presentations.

A digital signage display shows a touch enabled presentation for a company informational directory meant to improve employee experience.A digital signage display shows a touch enabled presentation for an event informational directory meant to improve guest experience.

Do more than simply deliver a message

Captivate viewers and drive brand interaction. Whether they’re in an office, a restaurant, hotel lobby, retail store, healthcare facility, your audience’s engagement is crucial.

Create interactive experiences without coding

Make your next event or exhibition memorable and engaging with interactive digital signage. With Fugo Touch, create interactive content and touch flows in just a few clicks—no coding required! Fugo is designed to be easy enough for the first-time digital signage user, but powerful enough to satisfy the needs of the power user too.

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Run on any touch-enabled screen, even offline

Make your audience part of the experience

Fugo for retail

Refine the customer journey

With interactive digital signage solutions, you can transform the in-store experience for shoppers. On screen, help them browse product catalogues or virtual shelves, swipe through exclusive promotions, take your polls & surveys, or find their way with maps of your store.

Fugo for hospitality

Guide visitors & guests

Welcome your guests with everything they need at their fingertips. Interactive displays with local guides & listings, service offerings, event & transportation schedules, make it easier to provide the best customer service with touch screen digital signage systems. Or supplement your staff with TV screens that serve as a virtual concierge to help guide your customers.

Fugo for internal comms

Empower your employees

Keep your staff informed & engaged with current schedules, data dashboard carousels, messages from supervisors, or looping safety videos on touch-enabled devices located in strategic locations. You can enhance the effectiveness of your touch content by using Fugo’s QR code app to encourage participation in surveys and polls, or to prompt RSVPs for company events.

Discover even more options in Fugo’s Design Studio
Customize displays that are attractive, touchable, and totally on brand
Take your content even further with Fugo’s Design Studio - mix & match apps, videos, images, dashboards, and branding elements into your display designs. Fugo offers the flexibility of a professional grade tool with drag & drop simplicity.

The one & only software tool you need

Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, Fugo is scalable & customizable to fit your needs. With features like a Design Studio, publishing tools, and a variety of templates and layouts, you can create stunning digital displays that reflect your brand and engage your audience.

Create Content

If you’re designing from scratch, if you already have the content, or it lives on the web, then you can put it on your screens. Fugo has everything you need to create screen-ready content that stays fresh, without having to micro-manage every last change & detail.

Have a more complex touch project in mind?

Out of the box, Fugo Touch provides a simple, intuitive way to navigate through interactive presentations - perfect for product directories, wayfinding directories and employee information portals.

But do you need something more complex like ordering from menus or self check-in? Maybe you need to integrate shopping cart systems and check out features at your POS. No problem - just embed web applications into Fugo with the help of our experienced team. Get in touch to get started.

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You’re busy with your own services & products and want to attract a good partner to handle the requests you get for digital signage from your customers. Earn commission when you recommend Fugo to your customers or audience by becoming an affiliate partner.

Resellers & VARs

You see opportunities with digital signage & want to include it in your offerings. You need a platform to grow with you as you fill requests. You manage the screens & content on behalf of your clients, while services like installation & maintenance generate revenue for you.

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