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Looking to take your engagement with your customers or employees to another level? Good news! You can do just that with a new feature we’ve been working hard on here at Fugo — Touch Content.

What is Touch Content?

If your digital signage devices have touchscreens, Touch Content is the next step towards immersive and easy customer experiences. This new feature allows you to really bring your Design Studio content to life by linking up various buttons and sections to other slides, allowing customers to touch items on your digital signage to interact with them. How those interactions look is totally up to you, and we’ll walk you through a few examples below.

Making the most of your touchscreen signage by building touch content journeys for your customers is a great way to improve the customer experience. It can allow your customers to quickly and easily find information that they’re looking for, and can even help lighten the workload that your employees have to deal with by giving customers an alternative way to handle their queries - or, you could wow your customers with innovative and helpful content and interactions.

Exciting stuff! Let’s get into some examples, and steps you can take to get touch content set up for you.

Where is Touch Content Useful?

Allowing users to interact with your touchscreens can be super helpful in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Allowing guests at a hotel to get information about the local area. You could set up an information “hub” page on the digital signage in your lobby, allowing users to tap to find out more about local attractions, public transport schedules in the area, weather information for the day, or a map of local restaurants. This could even allow you to use your digital signage to provide an advertising space for local businesses.

  • Helping customers find out more information about your products. Using your digital signage to provide customers a way to get detailed information about products in your store or on your showroom floor with a simple tap is a great way to help your customers make a purchase, and it can alleviate employee workload by allowing customers to find information on their own, freeing up your floor staff to assist other customers. This could be particularly useful in a restaurant, allowing customers to find dietary information about your meals so that they can order confidently.

  • Introducing clients to your company. Allowing clients visiting your locations or offices to flick through an “About Us”-style backstory of your company, or giving them the opportunity to “Meet the Team” by tapping on a particular team member’s photo, could be a powerful way to connect with new clients or reconnect with existing ones.

  • Delivering employee training. You could deliver training materials or presentations to your floor staff remotely, letting them navigate through the slides at their own pace. This could be helpful for presentations that end with a survey, allowing employees to navigate back and forth through the slides so that they can give you thorough feedback at the end. You could also use this functionality to deliver a presentation to a group of employees, by having the speaker navigate through the slides themselves, as they present.

Getting More Complex

Using this touch content feature with your Design Studio content, you can make easily simple but powerful interactions and really get your customers to interact with your brand. However, if you want to take things even further, allowing your customers to add items to a cart and complete a checkout process, or offering self check-in for hotel guests at reception, you’ll need to get in touch with our friendly support team. This is because functionality like that can be a little more complicated to set up, and requires using the Web Application app within Fugo. Our team can help you get set up with more advanced interaction in no time - just drop them an email at support@fugo.ai and they’ll get the ball rolling!

How do I create Touch Content in Design Studio?

It’s super simple to create touch content in the Fugo Design studio! Let’s use our dietary information example from above, and create the actual dietary information slides!

1.0 Create your content. First things first, you’ve got to have some content to make interactive! Here’s the listing page we created earlier, with thumbnails of some dishes that are being served in our restaurant. Let’s go ahead and create the dietary information page for the Rocket & Tomato Pizza dish, too:

2.0 Create your touch links! Once you’ve got your content created, it’s time to link it all up. For this interaction, we want to make it so that when a customer taps on the Rocket & Tomato Pizza thumbnail on our listing page, they get taken to the dietary information for that product.

2.1 Select your link. Click on the element you want to be your navigation link, and then click the Interaction tab in the left panel.

2.2 Select the destination. Click the Navigate to Slide on Touch dropdown, and select the slide you want to link to.

2.3 Choose your options. We’d recommend enabling the Skip this slide during playback option, which keeps the slides you’re linking to out of your playlists (so that they don’t show up on your signage without a guest making them). In this case, it would mean that your individual “dietary information” pages for each recipe wouldn’t automatically show on the screen, unless a guest specifically opens them.

And you’re done! Creating touch content that makes the most of your touch-enabled signage is that simple in the Fugo Design Studio!

Questions? Feedback? Get in touch!

If you have any questions or feedback about this new feature, or any feedback about this guide, don’t hesitate to drop our support team an email at support@fugo.ai - they’re always happy to help out, and are committed to bringing you the best features possible!

If you want to get started with touch-enabled digital signage, you can start your free trial of Fugo today by clicking here!

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