Display Hubspot Dashboards On TV Screens

Hubspot gives you a real-time view on sales activity, ad campaigns, customer profiles, rep productivity and so many other critical points of data.

When distributed easily & effectively across teams, TV dashboards boost your ability to leverage those insights to drive results.

Securely share Hubspot dashboards & reports to your workplace TV screens with Fugo

End to end security

Historically, digital signage CMS providers haven’t been able to share Hubspot reports & dashboards on-screen without making them public via URL or exposing your login credentials to your devices. That is, until now.

Fugo’s design minimizes exposure of your credentials and data. Credentials are stored encrypted in AWS Secrets Manager and are only accessible to dedicated, private servers that exist solely to execute Fugo’s Dashboards code. This approach means organizations can rest assured their data is protected & their credentials truly kept secure.

Share Hubspot Dashboards At Scale Throughout Your Organization
Accessing & sharing your dashboards at scale couldn’t be easier with TV Dashboards from Fugo. No matter where your screens are or what hardware you’ve got, you can display your dashboards without compromising on security or performance.
Quick to set up using a range of off-the-shelf devices
Dashboards are displayed via live snapshots, reducing the computing power needed to display them & ensuring stable playback
Create screen-ready playlists that can cycle through multiple dashboards
Adjust the data refresh rate so your dashboards are always live & actionable
Easy to manage remotely & distribute flexibly across departments, locations & teams
Include your Hubspot dashboards & reports into your corporate content flow

Sync your sales, marketing & customer success teams

Imagine what could happen when the data that drives your team’s daily work ends up at their fingertips, not the bottom of an email trashbox.

Fugo TV Dashboards helps you expand the reach of your Hubspot data, giving you control over where & when those dashboards and reports display. And most importantly - making it visible to the people who need it.

Rich Data Visualization

Highlight your most important metrics in ways that are meaningful & engaging for your intended audience

Flexible Display Design

Split your screen into zones, cycle through multiple dashboards, mix & display data from different services

Collaborate More Effectively

Trigger relevant conversations & proactive alerts to the right people in the company, making it easier to work together effectively.

How to display Hubspot on TV screens with Fugo

Pair your screen to Fugo CMS


Capture your dashboards


Push to screen & watch them update

See How

Embed Hubspot in websites & company portals

Fugo lets you replicate your office digital signage by securely embedding your Hubspot data and Fugo playlists in your coworkers’ browsers and intranets with an embeddable Company Channel

Ready to get going?

Connect your screen, build 1 dashboard for free during your trial, and display your performance on your TV.

Want a demo before trying it out for yourself? We’d love to show you how Fugo Dashboards might work inside your organization!