Unify the employee experience with Fugo & Chrome Enterprise

With Fugo & Chrome Enterprise, screens become part of the fabric of an organization’s working environment – visualizing operational data, health & safety updates, compliance, company & HR updates & more.

A UI element screenshot of the Fugo platform depicts the digital signage screen monitoring function of Fugo.
Supported hardware
Run Fugo securely & reliably on ChromeOS
An HP Chromebox G4 is displayed on a blue backgroundAn Asus Chromebox is displayed on a blue backgroundAn Asus Chromebox is displayed on a blue backgroundAn Acer Chromebox is displayed on a blue backgroundA CTL Chromebox CBx3 is displayed on a blue backgroundAn Asus Chromebox is displayed on a blue background
Fugo provides content creation & publishing for Chrome OS devices. Together we make it easy to deploy content to a single device or company-wide network, and support a range of devices, including:
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Digital Signage
Turn screens into powerful communicators
Put your TV screens to work to solve real challenges for your workforce, and support them with a complete digital signage software that packs all the features you need for easy, central control under one roof.
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A man stands and points at an office digital signage signage screen that is displaying a Looker TV dashboard
Employees gather around a table in a meeting room. A woman holds a tablet and uses screen mirroring software to mirror a presentation to the conference room TV screen.
Wireless Screen Mirroring
Mirror to one or several devices in your network
Fugo doubles as a digital signage & screen mirroring solution, allowing you to quickly go from ambient content to live collaboration on screen within clicks.
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Interactive Kiosks
Create interactive kiosk experiences
Turn any ChromeOS touchscreen device into an interactive kiosk, and use Fugo to deploy touch-led content that guides your audience through visitor management, wayfinding instructions, or product and information directories.
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A TV screen in an office setting displays interactive kiosk content giving viewers options to book a room, read the latest company news, access a company dashboard, book a meeting, or find more options.
Fugo & Chrome benefits
Fugo & Google - we’re better together
Secure By Default
ChromeOS is built with a strong security model, boasting zero reported ransomware attacks on its devices.
Hardware Acceleration
ChromeOS smoothly renders rich Fugo content like live data, animations, and layered elements thanks to its robust CPU integration.
Kiosk Mode & Provisioning
Devices boot Fugo directly into kiosk mode, and can be easily provisioned & controlled in your Google Admin Console.
Google Workspace Integration
Fugo boosts the reach & impact of your Google Workplace tools like Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Calendar & more.
Easy To Scale
Fugo offers full feature support for deploying digital signage on the most stable, secure, scalable operating system in the world.
Product Alignment
Both Fugo & Google are working together toward the same end - to ease collaboration & build connections between the workforce.
Leverage the Google Workspace on TV screens
Fugo complements your organization’s Google Workspace & collaboration tools with easy-to-setup integrations inside our platform. All of which allow you to lift content from existing systems & re-purpose it for screens.
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Real world impact
How Nordward drives company-wide data adoption with Fugo & Chrome Enterprise
Christian Ahlin
IT Manager, CIO, Nordward
"We have everything based in the Google workspace & the Google Cloud platform. The data platform we use is Looker - we have a big query backend & for that Fugo has been the best setup to actually display our real-time data on our screens live in our company."
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