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Put your TV screens to work to solve real challenges in your business, and support them with a complete digital signage software that packs all the features you need for easy, central control.

A UI element screenshot of the Fugo platform depicts the digital signage screen monitoring function of Fugo.
Fugo is used on 5000+ screens by teams in 60+ countries to deploy, collaborate on, and scale digital signage networks that just work

Workplace Screens

Without Fugo

Inefficient workflows due to paper orders and too many meetings

No tracking of what was being done day-to-day

Looker data was going unseen & unused

Multiple systems & platforms were a headache for IT

Bespoke LED Solutions

With Fugo

Accelerated workflows & order fulfillment made easy with on-screen instructions

Orders & targets are tracked, celebrated, and calibrated on screens for all to see

Higher ROI on Looker investment as on-screen data is kept front of mind for a wider audience

Less headaches for IT as Fugo fits easily into existing Google & Chrome infrastructures

Customer-Facing Screens

"Data & Insights are important, but the drawbacks with digital tools are that they disappear when you close a laptop or fight over limited screen real estate. So it’s a crucial component to use the physical space to create and enable positive culture.”

Christian Ahlin

IT Manager, CIO
Content creation
Streamline content automation & design
Design Studio
Apps & Integrations
Web Pages
Live Streams
Touch Content
No designer? No sweat.
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If you know how to use Canva, you can use Fugo! Design display layouts that bring together data feeds, social media, HTML, web applications, live video streams, text tickers, and more in Fugo’s Design Studio. It’s the only tool you need to create content & edit it on they fly. And it’s free on every plan.
Hardware setup
Get set up on the device & OS of your choice
Fugo's hardware-agnostic platform is the ultimate solution for IT professionals who need flexibility and scalability. With a lighting-fast setup process on any device & universal OS compatibility, you can choose the hardware that best meets the needs and budget for your project.
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Content Scheduling & Management
Deploy content quickly, manage from anywhere

Set different content schedules for different screens in advance and interrupt with priority takeovers. Monitor and manage thousands of screens, remotely from your laptop or mobile phone.

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Remote Device Monitoring

Monitor the uptime of your screens from bird’s eye view or dig deep with detailed player performance reports.

Central Screen Management

Group, tag and view screens to easily manage a large screen network from one central platform on the cloud.

Flexible Scheduling

Broadcast urgent or high-priority content across your entire digital signage network in a few seconds.

Top-Down Control

Intuitive publishing & account hierarchies empower your teams at the local level, while keeping your communications on brand.

TV Dashboards
Democratize your data by sharing it on TV screens
Free your data from silos and drive adoption across your organization by giving your teams real-time metrics and insights on screen. Easily share data & reports from popular BI tools (including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Salesforce) while ensuring top-level security.
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Collaborate & delegate control of your network
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Add unlimited collaborators
Each subscription tier allows for unlimited user seats.
Maintain central & local control
Spaces keep assets for teams or clients separate from each other.
Set granular permissions
Give trusted team members access to the right assets & actions inside Fugo.
Assign work to the right people
Default users roles are engineered for how teams logically delegate tasks.
Enterprise features
Enterprise-grade security & stability
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Offline Playback

All your content is stored locally on your player and still runs when your internet goes down, making lost connections no big deal.

High Uptime

Focus on big-picture elements of your business, not concerns of whether your software has crashed again.

Kiosk Mode

Lock down devices to run Fugo in kiosk mode so no one tampers with or switches off your content.

Ultra-Secure TV Dashboards

Fugo’s approach to dashboard security minimizes exposure of your credentials & data so you can share data on screen, at scale.

Single Sign On (SSO)

OpenId & SAML lets you manage access to Fugo via your existing user directory. Available for Enterprise users.

Whitelisted IP Addresses

Allow your users to access Fugo services and pages securely through designated, safe IP addresses.

SOC2 assessment & compliance
We have achieved audit certification for the AICPA Service Organization Controls (SOC2) framework. Our continued SOC2 certification ensures our organizational & technology controls are independently audited at least annually.
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The right feature set for every team in your organization

Marketing & Design

IT & Network Admin

Data Management & InfoSec

HR & Communications

Stop sending content “back to the drawing board” every time you need to update it. Bring on your marketers, your designers, your creative geniuses to work directly inside Fugo - no need to leave for 3rd party design tools.

Custom Resolution & Aspect RatioRich Content TemplatesDesign StudioEasy Publishing & SchedulingIntuitive User InterfaceApps & Integrations
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