Wireless screen mirroring meets digital signage in one tool

A dynamic duo to help enjoy your workplace TV screens again. Fugo Digital Signage CMS doubles as an easy meeting collaboration tool and captivating digital resource for your audience.

Screen mirroring software
Ditch the cables and dongles. Reclaim those lost 10 minutes from your meetings spent searching for the right HDMI input. Mirror to any Fugo-connected device in seconds with just a few clicks
Digital signage software
Fugo gives you the power to communicate effectively with the TV screens you use daily - in your lobby, meeting rooms & common areas. Push content to keep them from sitting idle when you’re not presenting.
Mirror from laptops, desktops & tablets

Wirelessly mirror to any Fugo-connected device. Fugo runs on most readily available consumer & professional-grade hardware, including smart TVs, SoC displays, media players, & tablets.

Fugo is supported on Android, Chrome, Windows, Amazon Fire TV, Sony, Samsung, LG, Raspberry Pi, IAdea, & BrightSign players.

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How it works
Mirror to one or several devices in your network
Fugo doubles as a digital signage & screen mirroring solution, allowing you to quickly go from ambient content to live collaboration on screen within clicks.
Pair your screens to Fugo. It’s fast & easy to get set up.
Cast to one or several screens with one click.
Easily close out the cast & go back to your content flow.
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Advanced features for digital signage & screen mirroring

Full Screens, Windows & Tabs

Select your entire screen or a specific window or tab to share with your audience.

High Display Quality

The same great performance & stability you’d expect with AirPlay, Google Cast & Miracast.

Universal Compatibility

Fugo works on most media player platforms including Chrome, Android, Sony, LG + more.

Central Management

Manage your screens & your content from one place & invite collaborators to join.

Scheduling & Instant Publishing

Publish or schedule in clicks to share what you want, when & where you want.

Remote Monitoring

Keep an eye on playback, screen status & player performance of every screen in your network.

Communicate smarter with TV screens
Connect and align your entire workforce around what matters most with digital signage - announcements, notices, KPIs, news, and more. Digital signage represents an opportunity to communicate with your workforce at scale, using a medium they’re already familiar with.
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