Share screen content to remote employees

Create a Corporate TV Channel For Digital Signage

Reach your team wherever they are - at home, in the office, or on the road - with content that keeps them connected to what matters. Create a company TV channel to share targeted announcements, HR news, live data, employee recognitions - without all the noise from oversaturated inboxes.

Create a corporate tv channel for digital signage with Fugo
Share content where your employees are watching
Watch in your browser
Create a shareable link where employees can watch for real-time, non-disruptive updates as they work.
Embed in your employee portals
Embed your live channel into the company intranet or portals your teams already use.
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Coming soon...

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Maximize the benefits of remote work
The traditional office won’t be king for much longer. With work becoming more flexible, Fugo can help you manage the advantages of remote work to the benefit of your whole company.
Create a better WFH experience
Close the information gulf between remote & in-person employees that can leave people feeling stressed or producing low quality work. With channels you can update communications in an instant and revise on your teams’ demand.
Unlock siloed information
Critical business intelligence and data may be locked away, expensive to access, and difficult to distribute. Channels give you a secure way to share your dashboards & reports without having to pay for multiple logins.
Notify everybody (without the notifications)
Watching the red dots pile up can create distraction and reroute focus away from important tasks. Channels surface information in an ambient way, to reduce the pings and dings from communication channels that disrupt deep work.
Build your culture
Isolation can easily creep up & make coworkers feel disconnected from each other and your organization as a whole. Channels can help you build connections with employee-generated content, personal updates from the CEO, or employee recognition.
Compelling visual content targeted at the right people
Avoid multiple email notices. Put important announcements on loop & update as needed.
Dashboards & Reports
The easiest way to distribute data to those who need it - without expensive login access.
Keep important information front of mind, especially as deadlines loom & events approach.
Social Content
Filter content from your social channels & encourage employees to share snapshots of their day.
Employee Recognition
Shout out employees who’ve been working hard, have birthdays, or important work anniversaries.
Project & Team Tracking
Track the status of important projects and map out distributed, global teams.
NoticeboardsDashboards & ReportsRemindersSocial Content Employee RecognitionProject & Team Tracking
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