Digital signage for restaurants

Connect your screens to Fugo & easily create eye-catching digital menu boards you have the power to update on the fly, from anywhere, anytime.

A barista holds a coffee in front of a cafe wall and smiles at the reader.A digital signage screen is displaying a digital menu board advertising a special cafe promotion.
Why build your digital menus in Fugo?
Well for one thing, you don’t actually have to build them. We’ve done that for you with our pre-made templates that are easy to customize to your restaurant and branding. But if you’ve got the chops to start from scratch - there’s no limit to what you can create inside our design studio.
Avoid the hassle, do it all in-house
Skip the costs of hiring an IT or AV middleman to manage your screens and say goodbye to outsourcing your menu design. You don’t need an IT or design degree to get cutting edge digital menu boards that run on the latest hardware. You just need a powerful software (hello, Fugo)
Start with a digital menu template
Sure, you could dish out thousands of dollars to have a designer create your menu for you. But what happens when you want to update it? Or you have to figure out how to format it for your screens? With Fugo not only can you customize one of our many professionally designed menu templates, you don’t have to worry about formatting it for your screen - Fugo optimizes each & every menu template to be screen-ready.
Advanced scheduling & day-parting
Menu offerings may vary based on the time of day or day of the week. In Fugo, you can get as granular as you want with scheduling. Menu schedules can vary at the store level, screen level, hour level, or whatever makes sense for you. Automatic day-parting for meal times is a breeze.
Update & deploy menus with ease
Notice a typo? Have a price change? Sold out of a crowd favorite? Added new items? Roll out menu changes with the click of a button, from wherever you are. Save money on costly reprints that come with static menu boards when you go digital & cloud-based.
Make more money
Increase your average ticket amount by spotlighting your highest-margin items or promoting seasonal and limited-time offers. Digital menus are proven to influence customers’ decisions at the point of purchase & boost sales. And when you’re the one at the helm of your on screen content, there’s no limiting what you choose to communicate to your customers!
Go beyond items & prices
Want to add icons to highlight popular items, special diet considerations, or local ingredient sourcing? Want to incorporate your social media handles and feeds? Drive customers to your app download link or website with a QR code? There’s so much more you can do with your screens beyond just display menus - anything’s possible with Fugo!
Everything you need to manage your digital menu boards in one tool

After designing a menu comes the hard part - getting it up on screen. You’ve got to think about resolution, formatting, orientation, internet connection - there are a dozen points of potential failure & headaches for the digital menu DIY-er. But Fugo makes managing all of that a breeze!

Design. Publishing. Updating. Monitoring screens. Measuring engagement. You don’t need multiple tools to do all that - Fugo gives you the power to easily manage every aspect of your screen network:

1Create & publish dynamic, smart digital menus
2Group screens to make bulk edits a breeze
3Schedule your menus to display at the right times
4Monitor playback & measure customer engagement
Digital menu templates for those who need it quick & ready

Too busy to design your restaurant menu from scratch? No need to outsource and spend tons of money. We’ve got you covered. Start with one of our many templates or if you can’t find one that works for you - ask us to build it for you! (Yes, we really are that nice.)

Set up in minutes. Run like a pro.
Skip the IT specialists and technicians. You can get started in minutes with Fugo. You just need three things:


A smart TV or any ‘regular’ TV paired to almost any media player like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromebit


Laptop or PC

A laptop, PC, or mobile phone where you can connect to our CMS to manage and monitor your menus



Your menus & any other content you want to display - images, videos, audio, social media, QR codes, or other apps

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Why Fugo?
Easy to use
Designed to give you more control over your screens and be universally easy
No more embarrassing screen blackouts. Fugo can play most content offline.
Full features
All you need for both screen and content management built into one tool
Simple pricing
Save hundreds with our no-nonsense pricing. Pay as you go, cancel anytime.
Frequently asked questions
What’s a digital menu board?

A digital menu board is an electronic display of your menu on one or across multiple screens that replaces traditional printed menus and menu boards. Digital menus are better at capturing customers attention with video, graphics, and animations. Digital menu boards are typically created by mounting LCD or LED screens to the wall. These screens are controlled with digital menu board software to display your menu items, promotions, branding, and engage & entertain customers in your restaurant while they wait.

How does a digital menu board work?

Digital menu boards work by combining hardware, software, and content together into one working system. The hardware components of digital signage are media players and displays. Media players turn your screen “smart” so it can connect & communicate with your digital signage software. Once connected, your menu is then deployed to your screen from your content management system that uses your internet, Wi-Fi, or wired connection.

What are the benefits of digital menus?

Updating your restaurant’s paper menus or mounted static menu boards can cost you a lot. Digital menu boards are more cost-effective as they let you create and update your menus much more efficiently.

  • Easily update content– With digital menu board software, you can quickly change anything on your menu from prices to media, to adding or removing items altogether. If you have more than one menu display or restaurants at multiple locations, you can update your menus across all of them simultaneously.
  • Highlight promotions & offers – Digital menu boards let you play with layout and timing to highlight deals or offers and increase sales of high-margin items. High quality graphics, dynamic content & crisp menu design improve customer’s experience and help you sell more.
  • Reduce perceived wait time – Beyond menus, you can engage your customers with news, sports, polls, or live feeds. Digital signage for restaurants, can be connected to all kinds of apps & content that drives your customers to action and makes them feel like they haven’t been waiting for long.
  • Long term savings – Printed menus require re-printing, shipping, installation, and disposal each time you need to update them. While there may be a higher up-front cost for digital menu boards, in the long term you’re saving yourself money and investing in something that can seriously drive revenue for your business.
  • Maintain brand consistency – Digital menu board software is great for franchises because it ensures all locations are up to date and present a consistent, high-quality appearance across their boards.
Will your software work with my hardware?

Most likely! We support almost every player and Smart TV platform, both consumer and commercial grade: Amazon Fire TV, Chrome, Android, Windows, Samsung SSSP, Sony, IAdea, Brightsign. You can find the installation instructions for each platform on our hardware page.

Will I be charged extra for using a digital menu template?

Nope! All our templates are included in the price of your Fugo subscription.

I’m still in the exploratory stage & a bit lost with all these hardware & software choices. Can you advise me?

Absolutely! Though we don’t do installations ourselves, we’re happy to help guide you through your selection of hardware and can put you in touch with our installation partners - we’ve got them all across the globe. You can book a call with our sales team or email us with any questions.

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