Digital signage made easy on any hardware

You can run Fugo on the industry’s biggest range of supported hardware platforms. This means more flexibility to launch a new deployment, or an easy switch to Fugo while keeping the hardware you already own.

A retail digital signage screen advertises a big sale.An iPhone is open with Fugo's digital signage app for Telegram.
Why use Telegram to manage your screens?
It’s easy. So easy.
Have you ever sent a photo over a messaging app? Then congrats! You can push your content to screen using our bot. Start in less than 2 minutes. Zero onboarding required.
It’s familiar & flexible
By integrating with the Telegram app, Fugo adapts digital signage content management to the technology you already use. Not the other way around.
It’s available everywhere. Always.
No matter where you are, you can pull out your phone or log in to your desktop Telegram app and start publishing content remotely from anywhere in the world. At any time.
Manage up to 3 screens for free. Forever.
You can pair up to 3 screens to Fugo with the Telegram bot, and use it to create unique photo & video playlists on each.
Unlimited photo & video publishing
There are no hard limits on how many images and videos you can upload & publish to your playlists.
Pixel-perfect & mobile-friendly
Just because you’re managing playlists from your phone doesn’t mean you should have to worry about things like formats, size, and resolution. Fugo optimizes your content for screen - no matter where you publish it from.
How does it work?
Imagine having a friendly robot you could order around with simple one-word commands (that would be the life, ehh?) That’s the Fugo Telegram bot! It’s like exchanging messages & media over chat, except instead of your friends - you’re chatting with your screens! Here’s what you can do with it:
1Pair & unpair up to 3 screens
2Create photo & video playlists for each screen
3Check the status of your screens
4Show your playlists & screens in the chat
Get started in a snap
Skip the IT specialists & technicians. You can start with Fugo in minutes. You’ll just need a few things:


A smart TV or any ‘regular’ TV paired to Fugo via almost any media player like a Chromebit or Amazon Fire TV Stick


Smartphone or computer

A mobile phone, laptop or PC where you can download the Telegram app to open a chat with the Fugo bot



The images and videos you’ll be publishing to your screens

Read the guide

The best content whizzes update their screens the fastest.

Now you can afford to.

Stale content is the death of digital signage systems. Audiences stop paying attention, and the ROI of your screens plummets. With Fugo’s Telegram bot, you’re in complete control to refresh content as often as you want, with minimal effort and no expensive software spend.

We believe that….

TV screens are becoming integral parts of marketing & communications strategies in every industry. But many small business owners don’t have the time & budget to spend on a full-featured management software packed with features they don’t need.

Fugo takes pride in bridging the digital signage divide by giving everyone a tool to launch their content in a way that feels easy & familiar.

Frequently asked questions
Free digital signage management? Really? What’s the catch?

There isn’t one! As long as you just need a quick, easy way to publish simple image & video playlists to your screen(s) this tool has you covered. We designed it specifically for users that don’t need or want a more full-featured solution.

But for those that do… to add more than 3 screens, and for more advanced features like screen grouping, advanced playlist scheduling, player performance monitoring, and more - you’ll need to upgrade to a paid Fugo subscription.

What kind of content can I publish with the Fugo Telegram bot?

For now you can publish image and video files. But coming soon you’ll be able to publish Youtube videos, as well as the local weather and time on your screens too.

Fugo CMS houses pre-made customizable content templates, a content design studio, and native app integrations with social media, news, Looker, GSuite, and more. But to access them you’ll need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

How do I use it?

First, you’ll need to download the Fugo Player app to your media player - you’ll find download instructions for each of our supported platforms here. You’ll also need to download the Telegram app onto your phone or computer. Once you’ve launched the Fugo app on your screen, you can open a chat with the Fugo Telegram bot and use simple commands (or command buttons) to pair a screen, publish your media, and show your playlists & screens.

Full instructions for using the bot are in our guide here.

So, what will you publish today?
There’s no trial period, no credit cards, and no commitments. You can get started right away! What will you put on your screen?