Digital signage for healthcare facilities

Atmosphere, staff coordination, and information flow play a vital role in visitor experience. Use screens to make your your staff more productive, your patients more engaged and wait times less stressful.

A doctor stands in front of a wall at a hospital or medical clinic.A digital signage screen in a hospital  advertises the hospital's app for the purpose of a better patient experience.
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Fugo benefits for healthcare providers
Fugo can power your digital signage to do everything from patient education and emergency response to advertising and donor recognition. Plus it’s pretty easy to implement, too.
Ease the stress of waiting
Quality content can keep visitors informed, entertained, and reduce their perceived wait time.
Reflect a high standard of care
On site digital screen networks reflect a tech forward, state-of-the-art facility.
Create a personal connection
Introduce visitors to your doctors, medical teams, and donors.
Lead the way
Help visitors navigate labyrinthine facilities & reduce wayfinding interruptions to your staff.
Improve staff communication
Easily dispatch internal updates and alerts to busy staff members always on the move.
Generate additional revenue
Finance your developments or initiatives through collaboration with sponsors on advertising.
Start with a template
Awareness initiatives, wellbeing tips, directories, healthcare news, social media – create and edit content with the tools you already use, or use one of our templates for inspiration.
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Take your screens further
Some of the advanced ways hospitals and healthcare providers can implement Fugo CMS to enhance their facilities
Integrate digital signage with Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems for patient and room information displays
Ramp up your emergency response with visual messaging programmed to trigger at specific points of crisis
Create interactive intake kiosks where patients can check in, pay their bills, or schedule future appointments
Let's make it official
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Built for any industry
By integrating with consumer grade and commercial screens, Fugo opens up the digital signage market to anyone in any industry looking to use screens in a more meaningful way for their business.