Digital signage for schools & universities

Make digital signage an integral part of campus life with an educator discount on all your screens and a cloud-based smart software that’s easy to master, easy to set up, and runs on most devices!

A student with a backpack on stands in front of a wall and holds two notebooks in her hand.A university digital signage screen shows a slide reminding students about an upcoming staff & student event.
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Fugo benefits for education
Modernize and revamp your school: communicate immediately with hundreds or thousands of students within clicks.
Enrich campus life
Use your screens to tell your school’s story with dynamic, engaging content.
Centralize information
Your students will always know where to look for important announcements.
Save your school money
Print less, waste less. Dispense with flyers & other outdated paper-based messaging.
Effectively communicate
Cut out emails that go unread and flyers that go straight to the trash bin.
Involve & encourage your students
Celebrate your students’ achievements and showcase their incredible work.
Take your screens further
Some of the advanced ways digital signage for schools and universities can enhance campus life through Fugo
Lead students to safety via smart digital signage notifications that can be pushed to their smartphones
Build a sense of community and brand advocacy for your institution by integrating with your university apps
Guide students around large campuses by integrating digital signage with wayfinding systems
Engage customers with touch screens for a tactile experience
Let's make it official
A little afraid to commit? Try before you buy - it's free! 14 days, on us, no credit card required and no pressure.
Built for any industry
By integrating with consumer grade and commercial screens, Fugo opens up the digital signage market to anyone in any industry looking to use screens in a more meaningful way for their business.