A turnkey digital menu board solution for franchises & QSRs

Transform your QSR franchise with Fugo, delivering stunningly branded digital experiences. Dynamic menu boards not only enhance the customer experience but also maximize sales for ultimate success.

The Ultimate QSR Solution

A restaurant that’s stuck in the 90’s is only cute when that’s the look you’re going for. Today, diners expect an integrated, digital-everything experience. Which is why we’ve teamed up with industry-leading QSR software & hardware partners to make this possible at a price you can afford.

Our QSR menu board bundle includes everything you need to plan & deploy your project. And if you’re not coming in totally fresh, we’ve got you covered with an affordable software-only option too.


Need a complete turnkey solution?

From $30

Per screen, per month

46” - 100” screen & player
Mounting hardware
Professional installation
Software licenses
1:1 Fugo training
Software & hardware support
Content creation support
Free digital menu board templates
Fugo’s native design studio
App store
Optional bolt ons

Already have screens?


Per screen, per month

Software licenses
Free digital menu board templates
Fugo’s native design studio
App store
Optional bolt ons
All the design, publishing & managing tools you need in one place
Native digital menu app & digital menu templates so you can design your own dynamic
menu boards
Group screens together to make bulk edits a breeze & remotely publish your updates all from your laptop
Advanced scheduling for automatic day-parting that gets as granular as you want
Monitor playback remotely with live previews of your content, player stats, and action logs
Keep your franchise structure organized into spaces and teams with separate control over assets
Bolt on additional features like audio management & QSR solutions for POS, stock management & digital
ordering systems
Engage Your Customers Through Digital Experiences
As everything becomes more interconnected, more digital & more dynamic, it’s only natural that your restaurant signage should change to keep up with the times. However, there’s more on offer here than just keeping up with your competition.
Digital menu boards and digital signage are effective solutions for restaurants and can represent a much smarter investment than traditional static menu boards. Check out some of the main advantages of digital over print…


Update & deploy menus with ease. Notice a typo? Have a price change? Sold out of a crowd favorite? Added new items? Roll out menu changes with the click of a button, from wherever you are. Save money on costly reprints that come with static menu boards when you go digital & cloud-based.

Fugo gives you the ability to adapt your content at will, for no extra charge. It’s clear - investing in TV menu boards is investing in your business.


Increase your average ticket amount by spotlighting your highest-margin items or promoting seasonal and limited-time offers. Digital menus are proven to influence customers’ decisions at the point of purchase & boost sales. And when you’re the one at the helm of your on-screen content, there’s no limiting what you choose to communicate to your customers!


Go beyond just items & prices - use your digital menu boards as a storytelling or brand-building opportunity without having to invest extra money or time. Impress customers with flashy motion graphics and vivid colors that just can’t be recreated with printed posters, integrate your social media feeds & handles, or even drive customers to your site with QR codes!


Fugo’s architecture is built to support a growing franchise operation. It has a flexible screen, user, & asset management structure to give you control over deploying content across multiple locations while making sure everything is centrally managed and monitored, with input from local branches and teams.

With Fugo, I have full flexibility & control of my screens. On the spot, I can put in fantastic pictures that immediately grab your attention when you're walking into my shop. When you approach my counters, the screens are bright, colorful, & portray such a beautiful range of dishes, it's very hard to say no to.



Greedy Kings

Bundle Bolt On’s

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to bring you a one-stop-shop, full-service QSR solution for your front and back of house screens.

Also, if you want to tie in your audio management into the bundle for a pitch perfect dining experience, we’ve got you covered.

Link in your Digital Ordering System

Your operating system is at the heart of your QSR restaurant handling digital ordering, EPOS & control operations. With Fugo you can connect your digital menu boards to the brain of our OS partners.

Link in your Audio Management System

Nail the music in your restaurant: bolt on audio hardware to your bundle and use Fugo’s Spotify integration to curate & manage your music from the same tool as you manage your screens.

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