Get started with a digital signage media player

In order to set up a digital signage display you’ll need a media player to connect to your screen. Fugo runs on most professional and consumer grade devices, but we are always ready to help you choose the right one for your business.

Supported players
Fugo software runs on the digital signage media player of your choice.
Android Player
You can integrate Fugo on any device that’s running Android OS. Whether it’s an Android Box, media player, tablet, signboard, or smartphone you can use the Fugo Android Player App to publish content with ease. You’ll find it in the Google Play store on your device, or you can download and install it directly onto your device.
Android Box
Android TV
Xiaomi Mi Box
Android Media Player
Android Tablet
Android Signboard
Geniatech APC395X
Phillips Professional TVs
Phillips Multi-Touch Displays
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Amazon Fire TV
Fugo can integrate with any Amazon Fire device - media players, TVs, or tablets - to power affordable, effective digital signage. Fire TV Stick is great value for the cost if you don’t need portrait mode support.
Amazon Fire TV Stick
Smart Fire TV Edition TVs
Amazon Fire HD 10
Amazon Fire HD 8
Amazon Fire 7
Chrome Extension
Use the Fugo Chrome player extension to turn your laptop or desktop into a convenient testing platform or simple signage display that requires no media players and no involved installation processes.

Install the Fugo extension on your Chrome browser to connect your screen, then manage your content from our CMS.
Chrome browser
Windows Player
You can integrate Fugo on any device that’s running Windows OS. Whether its media players, signboards, TVs, or PCs you can download the Fugo Windows Player App to publish content with ease.
Intel Compute Stick
Azulle Access
Azulle Byte
Azulle Inspire
Intel NUC
Microsoft Surface
Windows PC
Elo I-Series for Windows
Elo Windows Compute Module
Chrome OS Player
You can integrate Fugo on any Chrome OS based device. Note that to run Fugo on Chrome OS, you’ll need a Chrome Enterprise license for each device you manage.
AOpen Chromebox Mini
AOpen Chromebox Commercial
ASUS Chromebit CS10 Stick
AOpen Chromebook Commercial Tab
AOpen Chromebase Mini
AOpen Chromebase Commercial
BrightSign Player
Some of the most popular professional grade media players available, BrightSign players boast a wide range of hardware options for building innovative signage displays. You can run Fugo on any BrightSign player.
BrightSign XT
BrightSign XD
BrightSign HD
BrightSign LS
Raspberry PI
With Fugo’s Raspberry PI player, you can make this mini-computer the “brains” of your digital signage and use Fugo CMS to manage your content with ease.
Raspberry PI Zero
Raspberry PI 1
Raspberry PI 2
Raspberry PI 3
Raspberry PI 4
Often recommended as some of the most reliable professional grade media players on the market, IAdea is known for its high quality and robust functionality - including 4K video, animated HTML 5, interactive touch, HDMI in-functionality, and more. Fugo integrates with all IAdea players.
MBR - 1100
XMP - 62500
XMP - 6400
XMP - 7300
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