Turn any screen into digital signage with Amazon Fire TV Stick

You’ve got the screens. You’ve got the content. With Fugo + Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can turn your business’ TV screens into powerful, smart digital signs.

Benefits of Amazon Fire TV for digital signage
Fire sticks support dynamic content like 4K video, animations, advanced screen zoning, and CSS visuals.
Firesticks are one of the cheapest options for businesses & organizations looking to set up DIY digital signage networks. While most media players range from $200 - $1000, Firesticks come in around $50.
This small, compact player is shaped like an oversized USB & is designed to plug right into the HDMI port of your TV or digital signage display. This makes set up a breeze compared to higher end players that need to be installed and configured by a specialist.
Fire TV Sticks have the backing of the mighty Amazon. These players are made with a high level of quality and updated frequently, which translates into fewer failure issues - a critical component for digital signage that can run as constantly as 24/7, 365 days a year.
Amazon Firestick + Fugo
Amazon firestick finds its perfect match with Fugo digital signage software. When paired together, Fugo gives you the power to easily manage every aspect of your screen network:
1Create & publish unique content playlists
2Group screens to make bulk edits a breeze
3Connect to your favorite social media & business apps
4Monitor playback & measure audience engagement
Set up in minutes. Run like a pro.
Skip the IT specialists and technicians. You can get started in minutes with Fugo and a firestick. You just need three things:


A smart TV or any ‘regular’ TV paired to an Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can also use an Amazon Fire Edition TV


Laptop or PC

A laptop, PC, or mobile phone where you can connect to our CMS to manage and monitor your content



The content (images, video, audio) you want to share, templates you’ve customized, or apps from our app store

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Why Fugo?
Easy to use
Designed to give you more control over your screens and be universally easy
No more embarrassing screen blackouts. Fugo can play most content offline.
Full features
All you need for both screen and content management built into one tool
Simple pricing
Save hundreds with our no-nonsense pricing. Pay as you go, cancel anytime.
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