Build a simple, yet powerful complete solution for digital signage with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi offers one of the most affordable ways to get a digital signage system up & running fast, while Fugo offers the full suite of features you need for screen & content management. With Fugo powering your Raspberry Pi players, you can focus on the impact of your screens, rather than the headache of maintaining of them.

Why choose Raspberry Pi for digital signage?

The Raspberry Pi media player is an ideal choice for the digital signage DIY-er deploying a lean, yet secure screen network for your business or organization.

Trusted by millions

Raspberry Pi has been thoroughly tested & vetted by users worldwide. 30 million devices sold speaks to its reputation as a solution that hardware hobbyists & professionals alike trust to power their projects. Raspberry Pi technology has been deployed in thousands of applications in every industry you can think of.

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Unbeatable affordability

Stable & secure


The one & only software tool you need

Raspberry Pi finds its perfect match with Fugo. When paired together, Fugo gives you the power to easily manage every aspect of your screen network in one easy tool.

Create Content

If you’re designing from scratch, if you already have the content, or it lives on the web, then you can put it on your screens. Fugo has everything you need to create screen-ready content that stays fresh, without having to micro-manage every last change & detail.

Key performance features
Silent, Energy Efficient
The fanless Raspberry Pi runs silently and uses less than 3W of power - far less than other computers.
Fast Networking
The latest Raspberry Pi 4 comes with Gigabit Ethernet, as well as onboard wireless networking & Bluetooth.
4K Output
The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B is equipped with 2 micro HDMI ports that both support 4K displays.
Extra RAM
There’s a Raspberry Pi 4 model that has as much RAM as you need - 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB.
Dual Displays
With 2 ports, you can now use the Raspberry Pi 4 to power up to two displays from the same player.
The Raspberry Pi 4 has upgraded USB capacity: two USB 2 ports & two USB 3 ports to transfer data up to 10x faster.

Cut back the time you spend crafting your content & making it a reality on screen

Total layout flexibility

Most digital signage tools constrict you to a small handful of pre-configured layouts that are rigid to work inside. Fugo studio takes an entirely different approach, giving you a blank canvas to build on top of with no layout limitations or restrictions.

Apps & integrations

Your screens can do more than show images & videos - they can connect to your favorite tools you may already be using! Incorporate social media, news feeds, G Suite, live streams, calendars, weather, RSS feeds & more!

Templates for any use case

No matter what industry your business is in or what kind of content you want to put on screen, Fugo has templates to help you get your message across. And they’re super easy to customize with your own branding & information.

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Which Raspberry Pi player is right for me?

We make playing content on your screens easy, but with a handful of Raspberry Pi devices available, you may need help choosing the right one for your application.

Entry Level Player
Extended Performance
4K & Dual Monitor Support

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

Quad Core 1.2GHz processor


1080p resolution

Single HDMI port

4 USB 2 ports

100 Base Ethernet

Single band WiFi & Bluetooth 4.1

Power-over-Ethernet support (with separate PoE HAT)

4K playback

Dual monitor support

While the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B isn’t as polished or as fast as its younger siblings, but it will allow you to play content in HD or Full HD displays. It’s best suited for digital signage projects that don't require intensive content like videos or animations. Its main benefits over newer models are its lower cost & lower power consumption.

How to get started with Raspberry Pi & Fugo

With a bit of configuration, you’ll be up & running in minutes

You’ll need to purchase & assemble your players, write the Fugo image onto your device drive, configure your WiFi, then pair the player to Fugo CMS with a PIN.

Check out our complete Raspberry Pi guide to find out everything you’ll need to purchase & instructions for setting up and running Fugo on Rasperry Pi players.

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You’re busy with your own services & products and want to attract a good partner to handle the requests you get for digital signage from your customers. Earn commission when you recommend Fugo to your customers or audience by becoming an affiliate partner.

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You see opportunities with digital signage & want to include it in your offerings. You need a platform to grow with you as you fill requests. You manage the screens & content on behalf of your clients, while services like installation & maintenance generate revenue for you.

Do things you didn’t know were possible!

Screens & media players today are more powerful than ever & capable of more than you probably realize - unlock their potential with Fugo!

Securely display data.

Connect to integral work platforms.

Mirror to the screens in your shared spaces.

Do you have big screen ambitions? Ask our team!

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“Fugo lets you have custom canvas sizes & aspect ratios, which is a real key user selling point. We’ve also really enjoyed working with the Fugo team from the setup process through to actual usability across our client sites. There's always been someone at the end of the phone, always on hand to make sure that we get the support we need.”

Ben DaCosta

Managing Director

The Bendac Group