Boost The Reach Of Your Brand With Fugo For LG WebOS Displays

Our digital signage software for LG WebOS brings the power and ease of the Fugo platform to LG professional displays. Easily run Fugo on your LG digital signage displays for streamlined content control. Design multi-zoned displays, create playlists, remotely manage, and monitor your screens all inside one easy tool.

Cloud-based digital signage software for LG WebOS & LG commercial displays.
Proud, official LG partners

“LG really loves Fugo and we enjoy our partnership with their team. They have a phenomenal product that our clients love using. As our regional partner in the Caucasus region, we have already done several great projects; and I’m looking forward to extending our partnership and doing many more together.”

Tato Admebia


LG Electronics

Why LG For Digital Signage?
LG offers a diverse line up of professional screens that empower you to captivate your audience with high impact visual messaging suited to your business’ needs.
Embedded media player
LG WebOS displays come complete with a built-in powerful embedded System on Chip (SoC.) This cuts out the need for additional external hardware, providing greater efficiency and an overall lower total cost of ownership.
Easier, cheaper installation
With everything one one system, reduce installation costs with no additional lengthy cables and accessories. And with Fugo, the software end is easy - thanks to clutter-free configuration and total ease of use. Read the guide.
Rich media playback performance
LG WebOS commercial displays deliver amazing performance that includes consistent high picture quality, advanced graphic performance, and dynamic content support for more buzzworthy visual experiences.
Diverse range of displays
LG boasts a range of displays specifically built for digital signage, including window-facing displays, flat-screen TVs, touch screen displays for interaction, stretched displays, and LED backlit displays.
Great for outdoor & window displays
Outdoor and window signage require screens that are stronger & more versatile than the standard TV. LG displays high brightness displays offer great visibility & toughness under the sun & rain - perfect for reaching customers beyond your storefront.
Fugo + LG WebOS
LG finds its perfect match with Fugo. Install Fugo on your LG digital signage displays in just a few minutes and experience the performance & refinement of Fugo’s software engine with the smooth transitions & exceptional content playback of LG displays. When paired together, Fugo gives you the power to easily manage every aspect of your screen network:
1Create & publish unique content playlists
2Group screens to make bulk edits a breeze
3Connect to your favorite social media & business apps
4Monitor playback & measure audience engagement
Set up in minutes. Run like a pro.
Skip the IT specialists and technicians. You can get started in minutes with Fugo and your LG display. You just need three things:


Any LG SoC (System on Chip) professional display running LG WebOS.


Laptop or PC

A laptop, PC, or mobile phone where you can connect to our CMS to manage and monitor your content



The content (images, video, audio) you want to share, templates you’ve customized, or apps from our app store

Read the guide
Why Fugo?
Easy to use
Designed to give you more control over your screens and be universally easy
No more embarrassing screen blackouts. Fugo can play most content offline.
Full features
All you need for both screen and content management built into one tool
Simple pricing
Save hundreds with our no-nonsense pricing. Pay as you go, cancel anytime.
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