Create Secure Looker Digital Signage Dashboards

Take ‘big picture’ data to your corporate TV screens

Dig into your data with Looker to find the answers to your most critical questions. Then broadcast them on screen to your teams to align their efforts toward the goals that matter.

Use Fugo's Looker app to display data dashboards on digital signage displays
Stories are lurking
in your data silos
Stories that can drive successful outcomes for your business across your teams - Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Accounts, Logistics, Finance, Product… the data is all there.
Looker’s data visualizations allow you to pull out those stories via dashboards which you can display in conference rooms, warehouses, store rooms, sales offices, or wherever you need quick and central access to your data.

Build a data culture

Combine your screens and dashboards to empower teams that share their insights and make data-driven decisions together.

Centralize your data

Reduce data silos (we’ve all got ‘em.) Gather your most useful data in one place and create a single source of truth for your team.

A live stream of your business

As Looker tracks metrics up-to-the-minute, Fugo updates your dashboards on screen in real time so you can work confidently.

Get ahead of your problems

Find your problems before they find you. With all eyes on the live data, your teams can stay alert to issues without passing around reports.

Skip expensive login access

Digital signage dashboards let you keep data front of mind for everyone without piling on users to your accounts.

Don’t compromise on security

With Fugo, you don’t have to make dashboard URLs public or share logins to let everyone view your data securely.

Customize playlists
for your company

Information where you need it, when you need it

Create playlists with as many of your dashboards as you want, in any order you want. Then publish to the screens wherever your teams are working. Fugo gives you total flexibility and control over where and when you publish your data..

Mix it up with other content

Got other tools you’re using? Try combining your dashboards into playlists with some of our other apps! From GSuite and Dropbox, to RSS feeds and social media - keep it all together in one channel. Our team can even help you map requirements & build custom integrations for your organization.

Control all your
screens from
one place

Fugo is a simple content management system that lets businesses of any size control their screens in 4 steps:

1Connect your screens
2Publish your content
3Monitor your network
4Measure the views

Rest assured your data is secure

Companies all over the globe work with their teams and business-critical tools inside Fugo. We hold ourselves to industry-accepted security standards and take the responsibility to protect both our system and your data seriously.

Your data is stored and transferred via secure, encrypted GDPR compliant systems to ensure that your business is protected.

Contact us for more info on our security practices.

Sync up employees
working from home

Share Fugo content to WFH employees

Let’s face it, there’s only so much ‘noise’ we can handle from Slack, email, and all our other communications tools. That’s probably why you use screens in the office - they’re great at surfacing critical information in an ambient way.

Fugo lets you replicate your office digital signage by securely embedding your Looker dashboards and Fugo playlists in your coworkers’ browsers. That way, they get the info they need without all constant pings and dings that disrupt deep work.

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