Fugo For Corporate comms

Engage clients & employees with digital signage for corporate communications

Screens are a great way to promote your message to visiting clients, but you can leverage their reach to do way more than greet visitors. Using digital signage for internal communications will help anchor your staff to your mission, increase morale and build stronger connections between departments.

Use Fugo CMS to manage your office digital signage
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Fugo benefits for corporate communications
Use Fugo to centrally manage your screen network and transform how you do corporate comms. See the benefits in how your clients and employees engage:
Align staff
Promote your mission on screen to employees who can see it and live it out.
Centralize information
Instantly relay info that gets buried in other channels like email, Slack, company newsletters and intranets.
Connect distributed teams
Join up teams across the globe under one network and shared corporate culture.
Upgrade meetings
Bring your meetings to life with integrated apps, dashboards, graphics, and more.
Reward your staff
Celebrate big and small successes together as a team.
Lead the way
Help visitors and staff to navigate your premises with wayfinding maps.
Start with a template
HR bulletins, upcoming events, department KPI’s, sales dashboards, company & global news – create and edit content with the tools you already use, or use one of our templates for inspiration.
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Take your screens further
Some of the advanced ways corporate offices can use Fugo to enhance communications with employees and clientele
Built stunning LCD and LED video wall displays for employee engagement experiences and world class executive briefing centers
Tie in front-of-house visualizations with back-of-house systems to coordinate between corporate offices and outlying facilities such as manufacturing and logistics floors
Let's make it official
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Built for any industry
By integrating with consumer grade and commercial screens, Fugo opens up the digital signage market to anyone in any industry looking to use screens in a more meaningful way for their business.