How To Use Fugo With Your AirServer Device

We walk you through how to use Fugo with your AirServer device to double up as a digital signage player & a screen mirroring solution.

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The AirServer Connect: A Simple, Wireless Screen Mirroring Solution

AirServer stands out as a leading universal screen mirroring solution known for its wide compatibility and great performance.

It can be used with any phone, tablet, and computer, leveraging the device's built-in support for AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast. Whether you want to share your entire screen or cast media from apps, AirServer ensures minimal latency and impressive quality.

For those seeking effective collaboration in meeting rooms, AirServer has proven to be a game-changer. Planning, installation, and operation become effortless, enabling your users to share content from their personal devices onto large meeting room or lecture hall displays. This device truly streamlines the process and enhances collaboration in a hassle-free way.

AirServer & Digital Signage

Users who want to get more value from their display real estate can use AirServer in tandem with a digital signage solution.

With custom backgrounds and easy integration of browser-based signage solutions, you can showcase you own content between sessions when your screen is not in use.

You can use your AirServer device as a Fugo Player and easily switch between digital signage and screen sharing. It's super easy & we'll show you how in the next session.

How To Set Fugo As Your AirServer Background

To use your AirServer device with Fugo, you're going to set Fugo as the custom background from your Device Management portal.

You will need:

  • an AirServer Connect device

  • a WiFi or wired internet connection

  • a Fugo account

Your AirServer device will need to be setup prior to configuring Fugo as the background. You can follow these instructions to set up your AirServer Connect device.

  1. With your device set up, you will need to go to your Device Management portal (type the IP address shown in the device's Quick Setup instructions into your browser to access it.)

  2. In the Personalization Panel, choose the Website option from the Background selector.

  3. Enter the Fugo player URL:

  4. When the Fugo player app launches on your screen, you'll see a 4-digit PIN. You'll use this PIN to pair your AirServer device to Fugo CMS in the next step.

  5. Log in to your Fugo account. If you don't have an account, you can register for a 14-day free trial here.

  6. Go the Screens page of your account and click Create Screen.

  7. Enter the 4 digit PIN into the space provided.

  8. Give your screen a name - something relevant to remind you where it's located or what content it shows and click Add Screen.

  9. Congrats! 🎊 Your AirServer is now connected to Fugo & ready for some content! We'll cover how to push content to your device in the next section.

How To Publish Content To Your AirServer Device

With your player ready to go, you’re ready to give it something to play!

Fugo allows you to display several types of content:

You can use our Design Studio to create screen-ready content like digital posters & dashboard carousels without having to leave Fugo for a 3rd party tool - learn how here.

When your content is ready to go on screen, you can use our friendly playlist builder to publish your content.

1. Navigate to the Playlist page in the top navigation bar.

2. Click Create Playlist.

3. Start by giving your playlist a name - something helpful to remind you what content is in the playlist or where the playlist will be published to. I've named mine "Conference Room 1."

4. You can add screens, content, or schedule in any order. For the sake of ease, I’ll start with adding a screen. Click Select Screens and choose your paired AirServer device.

5. Select content to add to your playlist by clicking Select Content and choosing from your Media, Apps, Studio Content, or Dashboards. Click Add Items when you’ve finished choosing your content.

Your content will now be listed sequentially.

📝 Note: if you see an orange notification next to an app in your playlist, that means you need to configure the app's settings before publishing your playlist. Just click the icon to do so.

7. Finally, if you’d like to schedule your content, you can start by indicating the start and end dates under Date Range. Keep the No End Date ticked if you want your content to play indefinitely and untick it to designate your start & stop dates.

You can also set the weekly schedule of your content using the Week Schedule tool.

9) Once your schedule is set, click Publish in the right bottom corner to publish your new playlist! If you don’t want to publish right away, just click Finish Later and it will save your playlist for you to edit later.

Viola - your content is live!

💡 When you’re ready to come back to your playlist, you’ll find it saved on your Playlists page. Click “Publish” or select “Edit” from the dotted menu at the right of the playlist panel.

There you go! It really is that easy to publish your content with Fugo!

Need help?

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to turn any screen into smart digital signage with Fugo, you’re ready to get started! We’re here to answer questions and help you through the setup process, if necessary.

To get started, sign up for a 14-day free trial or get in touch with our support team at if you need any help.

Happy publishing!

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