Leroy Merlin Dives Into Digital Signage With Fugo

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Sarah D
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11 February, 2022

Leroy Merlin is a French headquartered home improvement and gardening retailer with 290 stores spanning 12 countries.

When they started their digital signage journey in 2019, they needed a system to display information to their staff - one that would make uploading and sharing content simpler & more automated than manual methods like plugging in a USB stick.

We spoke to Alibi Dengelbaev, IT Administrator, about his experience using Fugo to power their digital signage.

How do you use your Fugo-powered screen to help your business?

We have screens set up in places around our offices where our employees tend to congregate, like in the canteen and reception areas.

Our screens display internal messages and content that our team members might not have seen otherwise - content like photos from team events, birthday announcements, customer praise -  stuff that really helps people connect to one another and stay aware of what’s going on in the lives of the people they work with. We even have playlists of team members’ favorite music and music videos, which makes staff areas a place for our teams to relax and enjoy themselves.

We mix our own media with Fugo’s apps. The Youtube app is probably everyone’s favorite, but we also love the Weather and Clock apps too.

What was your biggest challenge prior to using Fugo?

We had never used a digital signage system before and struggled to understand scheduling with the solutions we tested before Fugo. Our displays are on 24/7, so that’s a lot of content we need to keep consistently fresh, and we need to be able to easily plan when it goes live and stops, etc…

Fugo’s playlist builder is hands down the easiest solution we found for scheduling content. We can just drag and drop content into the playlist, and the scheduler is really flexible and intuitive.

We've cut down the time we used to spend trying to publish content in half!

Digital signage content scheduler
Check out how easy this looks, ehh? 😎

What changed after you started using Fugo?

We got used to using Fugo right away - it’s so easy that we didn’t feel like we had to learn a challenging system. From day one, we were able to quickly get our content onto our screens without any problems.

We have our staff involved in the content, and they really appreciate it when we share their photos on screen. This makes everyone feel like they matter and gives them a personal stake in the company.

We’ve also found that our staff is generally more aware of things like new product launches, management changes, and internal news. Previously, they would only get this information in meetings, but now because it’s all up on screen 24/7, it stays front-of-mind.

What would you say to someone on the fence about purchasing Fugo?

We were kind of hesitant going into our digital signage journey because it was such a new thing for us. We weren’t sure if our team could maintain such a system, but Fugo has made it all so easy.

If you think about all the parts of the system that need to work, it can be overwhelming, but Fugo really eases that burden. It works really reliably so that our team can focus on the content.

If you’re thinking about getting started with digital signage, I would say don’t hesitate - with the right solution, it can be a lot easier than you think. Fugo has been the right tool for us.

Start your journey today!

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