How Digital Signage Boosted Brand Awareness & Customer Loyalty For Retail Chain Clean House

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Sarah D
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18 February, 2022

Clean House is an international home goods and personal care retailer spanning 3 countries in the Caucasus region. Launched in 2013, they have now expanded to over 200 stores that feature Dynascan high-brightness professional screens as a major part of the in-store customer experience.

They needed a digital signage solution that was easy to roll out across their stores and, most importantly, could keep up with the massive communication machine that powers their promotion schedule.

We spoke with Ani Nadirashvili, Clean House's Head of Marketing, about their experience using Fugo.

How do you use screens to help your business?

Screens are an important communication channel that help us to deliver ongoing promotions to our customers. We also use it to drive sign-ups for our loyalty program which has rewards and offerings that change from month to month.

Because this drives so much of our on-screen content, it’s really important for us to have a software that lets us update content quickly and easily across hundreds of screens.

Besides promotions and ads, Fugo is an important communication channel for our brand presence and social media. We often use the Countdown app to announce upcoming sales, which we’ve observed creates anticipation and really helps to attract attention to our displays.

Check out that screen action! ✊

What were the goals you had for your digital signage?

The main goal for our screens was driving foot traffic into our stores. Our marketing team is amazing at creating eye-catching content, so we wanted a platform that could match the speed and power of the promotional material we’re churning out. And so far it’s worked beautifully - we’ve seen a major increase in customers coming into our stores.

What was your biggest challenge with digital signage prior to using Fugo?

We sell more than 10,000 products at over 200 stores and we offer different promotions almost every day. As you can imagine, that’s a huge system of content, teams, and screens to stay on track of.

But Fugo is so friendly to use - it’s eased the administrative and organizational burden of running a screen network that huge. It's cut the time we spent organizing & publishing our campaigns in half!

So our creative teams have gotten back a lot of their time and energy that used to be spent on the mechanics of pushing content and have been able to pour it back into making content.

What kind of results have you seen from using Fugo?

Fugo has been a great overall tool. It’s helped us to create attention-grabbing content and engage more customers. We’ve seen it pay off with boosted in-store traffic and an uptick in sales and loyalty program signups. We've even seen our Instagram audience grow to over 15K followers since launching brand awareness campaigns on our in-store screens.

And from an internal perspective, it’s made life easier on our marketing team who’s running the whole operation because it’s been so easy to use.

Try it for yourself!

Do you have a digital signage project to get off the ground? Get a head start! Connect a screen to Fugo and have a go with some of our apps and content templates.

Start with a free trial or book a demo call with our team - we'd love to show you how Fugo could work for your organization!

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