Introducing On-Premise TV Dashboards

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Sarah D
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07 December, 2023

In our ever-evolving digital landscape, Fugo has been at the forefront of providing innovative solutions to empower organizations in sharing data more democratically across their workforce via TV screens.

Our cloud-based TV dashboards solution has changed the way many enterprises showcase their data and insights without without exposing their login credentials, disabling important browser protections, or inadvertently creating back doors into their data through hardware & software solutions that weren't as secure as they claimed.

Nordward is just one example

However, the market has been much slower to provide these kinds of solutions to organizations who self-host their data, assuming most are equipped to build and maintain their own proprietary systems for getting it up on digital signage screens.

What nearly three years of serving the enterprise digital signage market has revealed to us is that these organizations are still looking for something easier.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our latest feature - On-Premise TV Dashboards, designed specifically for organizations seeking simple, scalable, and secure dashboard sharing within their locally hosted infrastructure.

The challenge of on-premise data sharing

Fugo's cloud-based TV dashboards have been a game-changer, allowing enterprises to share data easily and in real-time, all while ensuring the utmost security and flexibility.

However, we understand that some organizations have unique requirements or reasons that have kept them from embracing cloud solutions for their data sharing needs.

Understanding the hesitancy towards cloud-based solutions

Several reasons may have led organizations to be hesitant about migrating to the cloud or adopting cloud-based solutions for their TV dashboards:

  • Data security & privacy concerns: For organizations dealing with sensitive or confidential data, data security and privacy are paramount. Trusting third-party cloud providers to handle their valuable information might be a challenge, prompting them to retain full control over their data on-premise.
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements: In highly regulated industries, compliance with specific data handling standards and regulations is essential. Migrating to the cloud may involve additional complexities in ensuring compliance, leading organizations to maintain their data within their own infrastructure.
  • Legacy systems and infrastructure: Some organizations have invested heavily in on-premise infrastructure and are wary of the disruption and cost involved in migrating to the cloud. This may be especially true for businesses with specialized or custom-built systems that have been tailored to their unique needs.
  • Data sovereignty: In certain regions or industries, data sovereignty laws mandate that certain data must be stored within the country's borders. This requirement can limit the viability of cloud-based solutions for organizations operating internationally.
  • Vendor lock-in: Switching between cloud providers can be challenging due to differences in services, data formats, and dependencies on proprietary technologies. The fear of vendor lock-in may make organizations hesitant about committing to a particular cloud provider.
  • Cultural resistance and change management: Moving to the cloud often requires substantial changes in workflows, processes, and IT operations. Some employees might be resistant to these changes, leading to challenges in adopting and integrating cloud services into the organization's culture.

Introducing On-Premise TV Dashboards: secure & scalable

Recognizing the diversity of organizational needs, Fugo is proud to introduce our latest feature - On-Premise TV Dashboards. This new capability allows organizations to share their locally hosted dashboard data securely and at scale, without relying on cloud infrastructure.

Much like our cloud-based TV dashboards, On-Premise TV Dashboards offer a user-friendly management system, enabling easy content distribution and updates to TV screens across the organization. The familiar and intuitive interface ensures a seamless transition for users who may already be familiar with our cloud solution.

How it works

Fugo's On-Premise Dashboards feature works similarly to our (cloud-based) TV Dashboards feature, in that you'll use it to record the steps you take to authenticate into your dashboard and instruct it how to take screenshots of your data that will be sent to your connected TV screens at set intervals.

This architecture allows you to share local reports, dashboards, or desktop apps up on TV screens without any data leaving a local network.

It works in a few simple steps:

  1. Install the Fugo TV Dashboards Control Center app onto your desktop
  2. Configure the dashboard in Fugo CMS so that it uses your local server to capture screenshots
  3. Authenticate into your dashboard service
  4. Take screenshot of your dashboard or key dashboard elements
  5. Fugo stores the screenshot on your secure local server
  6. Fugo updates your display/s every few minutes with a new screenshot

Find full details on how to set up on-premise dashboards with Fugo here.

The role of digital signage in digital transformation

Digital transformation has become a driving force for organizations seeking to stay competitive and agile in the digital age.

And digital signage plays a pivotal role in this transformation by facilitating real-time data visualization and fostering new thinking about how to approach internal communication, particularly among workforces who don’t sit at desks or check company devices & emails.

Incorporating On-Premise TV Dashboards into an organization's digital transformation strategy empowers teams with access to timely, relevant data at the point of need.

With local data displays, companies can accelerate decision-making, facilitate collaboration, and promote data-driven insights across all levels of the organization.

"We’re proud to extend our reach to businesses focused on remaining on-premise or adopting a hybrid approach.

While we still believe embracing cloud migration will keep businesses more agile in the long run, we’ve seen the need to meet in the middle with users whose requirements are better met through on-premise solutions for now. Ultimately we hope Fugo will have a place in their digital transformation journeys."

- Zuka Kakabadze, Founder & CTO

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