How Struers Turned Sony Screens Into Powerful Data-Tracking Displays With Fugo

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Sarah D
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29 December, 2023

At Struers, they're not just about labs and material analysis; they're all about making things click – literally. Picture this: a company founded in 1875 that's still rocking the materials science scene.

With an unwavering ambition to pioneer groundbreaking technologies that elevate lives and drive positive change, Struers is the go-to for leading organizations who are shaping the future of materials science. Their experts & products are trusted across the globe.

With offices spanning 24 countries and a presence in over 60 more, Struers manages a vast array of data and a sprawling IT infrastructure. When they made the decision to bring digital signage to their production floors, they sought technology partners ready for the challenge.

We sat down with Christopher Fritz, Struers' Global IT Services manager, to delve into the journey of rolling out their solution with Fugo + Sony and explore how this dynamic collaboration is transforming their communication landscape.

The challenge

In the midst of the dynamic blend of office spaces and busy warehouse and production environments at Struers, a distinct challenge was clear. Christopher Fritz, Struers' Global IT Services manager, sheds light on the scenario:

"We work in both office and production & warehouse environments. We had a requirement, to begin with, from our production area that they wanted to showcase different BI reports."

This request was more than just a call for a technical solution; there was a need to bridge the gap between the data-driven insights housed in their business intelligence reports and the real-time decision-making unfolding on the production floor.

Christopher emphasizes the need to make live decisions, to showcase these Business Intelligence (BI) reports in the moment, and empower the production team to act on insights as they unfold.

"For us in IT, we obviously wanted an overview of how we’re doing live, with the different metrics we report on."

The challenge extended beyond the production floor, reaching the heart of the IT department's need for real-time visibility into key metrics. Struers sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate these requirements, offering a dynamic platform for both live decision-making on the production floor and a comprehensive overview for the IT team.

This marked the beginning of Struers' journey for a digital signage solution, and Fugo + Sony emerged as the partners poised to tackle this challenge head-on. The collaboration aimed to not only meet the immediate requirements outlined by Christopher but to transform the way Struers approached internal communication and decision-making in both office and production settings.

The solution

When they went on the hunt for the software component of their solution, Fugo emerged as the frontrunner. Christopher recalls:

"We went through a selection phase where Fugo came out on top from the beginning, both by being very responsive, but also feature-wise."

What set Fugo apart was not just the team's responsiveness but its robust set of features that resonated with Christopher, particularly as an IT administrator.

Fugo's feature suite helped him easily grant access to end-users, allowing them to navigate their workspaces independently.

This included the flexibility for users to set up their own business BI reports, a crucial aspect of the solution as Christopher emphasized the importance of avoiding a scenario where constant IT intervention would be required.

"With other solutions we looked at, I most likely would have had to help them, which was something that we wanted to avoid," Christopher notes. Fugo's user-friendly interface and self-service capabilities aligned with Struers' vision of empowering end-users to take ownership of their digital communication spaces.

Adding to the appeal was the fact that Fugo eliminated the need for additional hardware. Christopher highlights this, stating:

"Something else that was really nice was that we didn’t have to use extra hardware. We could set it up directly from an app on a screen. And that process also worked really well. We could talk to Fugo, who hooked us up with Sony."

This streamlined approach to implementation, leveraging an app on the screen, not only simplified the process but also showcased the synergy between Fugo and Sony - who, together - provided Struers with a solution that met their immediate need for real-time metric tracking and was performant enough for all-day operation.

Key Fugo & Sony benefits

Powerful Sony Bravia displays
In the search for the perfect displays, Struers evaluated various options, but the decision to opt for Sony Bravia screens was driven by their robust Android engine and the ability to operate 24/7 without succumbing to burn-ins.

"When we chose the Sony Bravia screens, we chose them because they have a good Android engine and they can run 24/7 without getting any burn ins."

This choice not only ensured a visually rich and reliable display but also aligned with Struers' commitment to a comprehensive and durable solution.

Easy scalability with Fugo
One of the standout advantages of the Fugo solution highlighted by Christopher was its scalability. He mentions:

"When it comes to the Fugo part, we managed to set up something that’s easy to scale because you can just install the app onto the screen. Then, whenever someone turns on that screen, Fugo will automatically load."

This streamlined approach to deployment allows for effortless scalability, where adding new displays becomes a simple task of installing the Fugo app. This flexibility aligns seamlessly with Struers' dynamic operational needs, ensuring that their digital signage network can grow organically with the organization.

Real-time monitoring & action with IT KPIs
Christopher emphasizes the critical role of Fugo in enabling real-time monitoring and action within the IT domain, stating:

"We are looking at our different KPIs within IT, but we’re also monitoring software. If something is breaking down, then we can act on it very fast."

This aspect not only streamlines IT operations by providing instant insights into key performance indicators but also empowers the IT team to proactively address potential issues before they escalate.

Central management for global deployments
Fugo's impact extends beyond the confines of the IT department at their HQ.

"We’re also using Fugo in other countries like the UK, where they’re using it in their reception to greet different customers and guests coming to visit."

This showcases Fugo's versatility as a communication tool that transcends geographical boundaries, contributing to a consistent and engaging brand experience for visitors across various locations - which can all be managed from the same tool.

Deep integration with Power BI
The integration between Fugo and Microsoft Power BI is highlighted by Christopher as he notes:

"Now there’s also a new function with Power BI, where you can hook Fugo directly to your Microsoft system, which really improves the process of using Power BI."

This integration enhances the utility of Power BI within the Fugo ecosystem, streamlining data visualization and analysis processes. It exemplifies how Fugo's commitment to continuous improvement and integration ensures that their solution evolves to meet the evolving needs of organizations like Struers.

Make screens a key part of your internal communications strategy

If you're on the lookout for a streamlined and effective way to communicate seamlessly across diverse locations, the answer lies in the power of digital signage.

Fugo stands out as the go-to provider, trusted by businesses in over 60 countries, offering a dynamic solution that goes beyond the conventional.

Fugo's versatility is a game-changer, catering to a spectrum of industries, from retail and hospitality to education and beyond. Whether you're looking to engage employees or captivate customers, Fugo's got you covered.

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Your screens hold untapped potential to drive real and measurable impact on your business. Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to guide you through this transformative journey.

And if you’re considering the perfect display solution for your digital signage network, explore Sony Bravia's professional digital signage display line. They cover 32”-98” and deliver brightness levels up to 780cd along with low power consumption. The BZ40L features a Sony exclusive deep black non-glare surface treatment which helps you to display your products like they look in real life. Ask the Sony team for a demo!

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