Display QR Codes on Your Screens

Display QR codes on your digital signage to prompt viewers into action - from app downloads & menu sharing to wayfinding & interactive promotions. Fugo makes it easy to generate QR codes for digital signage that drive engagement & boost your screen’s ROI.

Why display QR codes on digital signage?
Prompt direct action from viewers
Send your customers to a website, have them vote in a poll, download your menu, or access a coupon - right there and then. QR codes make content interactive even without touch screens.
Drive app downloads & social engagement
Encourage social media follows and app downloads by making it easy for customers to find you. A quick point & scan can lead customers directly to your social pages and app store listings.
Get more reviews
Let’s face it - it’s tough to get customers to leave you a review when they have to search you out online. Make it easy & convenient by directing them straight to your link for feedback & reviews.
Lead the way
Let customers tap into your maps for wayfinding they can take on-the-go, instead of having to cluster around physical maps. Perfect for large campuses or attractions like zoos, museums, & amusement parks.
Track ROI for your content
QR codes make it easy to gauge the success of your on-screen content. By seeing how many people visit the target URL, you’ll know how your audience has responded to your message.
Connect your social feeds, drive traffic to your site, add QR codes + more with Fugo
Dynamic content is what’s gonna grab & keep your customer’s attention. Fugo lets you connect your screens to the heart of your business in a way that print just can’t - display live Instagram feeds, direct customers to your online store, show off great reviews, or even get customers interacting with things like polls and QR codes.With Fugo you can generate QR codes for your content in a couple clicks. And beyond that, Fugo gives you the power to easily manage every aspect of your screen network:
1Create & publish unique content playlists
2Group screens to make bulk edits a breeze
3Connect to your favorite social media & business apps
4Monitor playback & measure audience engagement
Set up in minutes. Run like a pro.
Skip the IT specialists and technicians. You can get started in minutes with Fugo and a firestick. You just need three things:


A smart TV or any ‘regular’ TV paired to a almost any media player like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Chromebit.


Laptop or PC

A laptop, PC, or mobile where you can connect to our CMS to manage and monitor your content



The content (images, video, audio) you want to share, templates you’ve customized, or apps from our app store

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Why Fugo?
Easy to use
Designed to give you more control over your screens and be universally easy
No more embarrassing screen blackouts. Fugo can play most content offline.
Full features
All you need for both screen and content management built into one tool
Simple pricing
Save hundreds with our no-nonsense pricing. Pay as you go, cancel anytime.
Let's make it official
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