Creating Ambiance With Digital Signage: 5 Ways To Do It Well

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Sarah D
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07 November, 2022

When you think of the word “ambiance” what images come to mind? It’s easy to think of a flickering candle, a spa, or even slow elevator music that lulls you to sleep. Yet, those aren’t the only ways businesses can create ambiance within their space, regardless of whether you're a spa, store, or office.

A tech-led solution to creating ambiance is also worth considering. With synced digital signage that you can configure just about any way you want, you can help create a sense of peace, efficient information flow, and make for an excellent overall experience of the people in your physical space.

But how? Below, we go through 5 ways you can create ambiance with  digital signage without having to buy extra candles (which are a fire hazard anyway!)

Take advantage of music

One of the easiest ways to create ambiance? Take advantage of music. The right music can either relax you or put you at ease, so this is where you need to choose wisely.

The awesome thing about digital signage is that, with tools like Fugo, you can use YouTube to play select music. You can also schedule it too, which makes for an easy hands-free experience so you can take care of your customers.

💡 Retailers & restaurateurs take note though - there are laws about possible copyright infringement with in-store music. You’ll need to check what they are for your country.

Now, where can you find music that evokes a relaxed ambiance? Here are some places worth looking through:

If you've got a quick service restaurant & want to loop in music to your digital signage system, talk to our sales team about our QSR package, which includes optional bolt-ons for audio management.

Use a softer color palette in your digital displays

It’s no secret that soft colors tend to invoke a sense of calm. So, if you’re trying to put your customers or employees at ease and create an experience for them, you’ll want to choose your colors accordingly.

Now, as far as the science behind color psychology goes, well, it can be a little anecdotal at times. While there haven’t been solid studies that tie colors to long-term mood altering effects, we do, as humans, tend to associate colors with feelings.

For example, in one older study, a red placebo pill was reported to be “more effective.” Now, it’s pretty universal that a soft color palette tends to help with establishing a space of ambiance.

Create digital signage content for your TV screens with Fugo Digital Signage Software
Create digital signage content in Fugo's native Design Studio

So, instead of opting for harsh reds and jet blacks, you can opt for pastels, olives, cool blues, or even cool grays. Colors like these throughout your digital slides can definitely help set the stage for a more ambient experience.

Be sure to check out our design guide for other tips on creating effective digital signage content.

Incorporate video

Who needs real candles when you can just play a video of one flickering away? While we’re half joking, you’re well able to incorporate video into your ambiance master plan.

Fugo’s digital signage system is designed to integrate with plenty of useful apps that can make this possible. In the case of video, you’d simply need to connect to a Vimeo or YouTube app to get started.

From there, you can choose to play any online video or create a playlist. The good thing is you can automate a lot of your digital signage efforts, even if they include video or you want certain slides to play at certain intervals.

Automate the process

When creating ambiance, automation is your best friend. Having to set everything up manually every time anything comes to a stop is time consuming and can cost you money. Who needs to spend time managing clunky setups when there’s automation to take advantage of?

As far as digital signage goes, Fugo thrives on automation to help you create a seamless digital signage system that molds to the needs of your business no matter the industry.

As a powerful cloud-based digital signage system, Fugo can:

  • Automate the screen fitting process so you never have to deal with poorly fitting slides
  • Group together screens where you want to play the same content
  • Set where, when, and what content to play within a few clicks
  • Schedule your digital display content by time, day, week or month
It's easier than you probably think to get content up on your digital signage screens

In case anything goes wrong with your digital display that interrupts the ambiance, Fugo’s smart device management platform alerts you in real-time.

Set the tone with key information

Nobody likes not knowing things. Especially when you need to know them! A big part of creating ambiance is evoking the right emotions.

This is why displaying the right information to customers, colleagues, or visitors can help set the desired ambiance. The more informed they are, the more at ease they can be.

Are there directions that they need to be aware of to make it to an appointment on time?

Is there key data they need quick access to in order to do their job well?

TV dashboard software for offices - Fugo Digital Signage CMS
One of the best ways to keep up mood & morale in the office? Give people the data & info they need to excel at their jobs.

Is there a special holiday offer they can take advantage of while they wait?

Are there any special instructions they need to be aware of before entering your space?

In short, the list could go on in terms of the key information that you can use digital signage to display. The good thing is that with Fugo, you can change and modify displays within the software without missing a beat.

Use Fugo to create ambiance with digital signage

If you’ve made it all the way through, you’ve got some good ideas to sift through. But don’t forget, you’ll need the right tools to get it all done too.

This is where Fugo can help you create the ambiance you’re looking for. It’s easy to set up, you get immediate access to templates that help you create the right slides with the right branding, and you don’t have to start creating a digital signage content strategy from scratch.

You heard right. And yes, this can all be done from one tool, no extra add-ons or fees to worry about. But you can’t just take our word for it. You have to try it for yourself.

If you’ve been looking for a digital signage solution that takes care of more than the basics, try us out for free first for 14 days or book a demo to see how Fugo might work for your organization.

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