6 Reasons You Should Be Using Fugo's TV Dashboards

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Sarah D
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04 May, 2024

Do you like saving money? 

Do you love collecting data?

Then TV dashboards are exactly what you’re looking for.

This criminally underutilized technology is a powerhouse for modern businesses, and in an era of doing more with less, it’s a must for keeping teams informed.

So here’s the thing: anyone can put their data on display with Fugo’s TV dashboard tool. 

We genuinely think it’s a best-in-class product (and our customers are leaving rave reviews), so we wanted to show you a few key features so you can confirm it's a fit for your team. 

Sure, but what are TV Dashboards?

Fugo’s TV dashboards can display internal data that lives behind the login of any business intelligence tool. Whether you generate reports with a Looker account or collect sales data on Salesforce, our tool pushes data to TV screens so everyone on your team gets the latest business updates.

To be clear, TV dashboards are not:

  • Static images. Dashboards get updated in real time and continuously refreshed at the interval you set (days, hours, minutes, etc.).
  • For specific tools. We pride ourselves on a platform-agnostic tool so you can connect with any dashboard or webpage sitting behind a company login.
  • Housed on your player device. Since we manage your dashboard credentials directly in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about bad actors gaining access. 

But this is just the tip of the iceberg — there are many other things that make TV dashboards powerful.

And connecting with Fugo will take things up a notch.

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect.

Why you should be using Fugo’s TV Dashboards

We could sit here and talk about TV dashboards (literally) all day long.

So rather than tell you about how it works, why not show you instead?

Without further ado, here are six reasons you should be using Fugo’s TV dashboards:

1. Connect with the tools you’re already using

The average tech stack passed 1,000 applications in 2023 — and get this — only 29% integrate with one another. With so many logins and workflows to remember, the last thing you want is yet another tool or platform. 

So rather than tossing yet another tool into the mix, Fugo allows you to connect existing platforms with ease. All you need to do is capture the dashboard(s) you want. Then, you can put data on display with the same signage playlist.

Fugo's TV Dashboard Integrations

Manage multiple dashboards? Just add different pieces and parts to the same playlist (or even the same screen). You can also crop and brand each screenshot to meet specific design requirements.

And voilà! You’ve just connected 10 apps in one.

2. Say goodbye to user licenses

You don’t need us to remind you how expensive user licenses can be. The more you grow, the more you’ll pay — sometimes as much as $5,000 a month in the case of Power BI.

But if you already own a TV screen (and have at least one user on your BI dashboard), good news! Fugo’s TV dashboards cost just $20 per user per month. You don’t need additional equipment to get started, and you don’t need to buy additional user licenses.

Fugo's TV Dashboard Display Function

When live, TV dashboards display everything necessary to help employees make better decisions. You can refresh whenever you want, hide whatever you what, and say goodbye to daily emails asking where the dashboard is.

3. Display self-hosted dashboards

Don’t currently have a BI partner? You can still use Fugo to push data to your screens. You can show off self-hosted reports, BI dashboards, and/or desktop apps without ever having to leave your local server.

This is a terrific option if:

  • You deal with sensitive information. If you’re in healthcare or fintech, our on-prem dashboards have you covered.
  • You need your data to stay within compliance restrictions. Fugo can integrate with any existing hosting provider.
  • You don’t own any cloud infrastructure. With Fugo, you’ll never need to make the switch (unless you want to, of course).

You can learn more about on-premise TV dashboards here.

4. Crop and customize your dashboard data

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of ugly KPI boards out there. And BI tools don’t exactly help the situation — the usual method of sharing reports usually means sharing a less-polished version of your data.

The good news is, this isn’t the case with Fugo. Using our TV dashboard tool, you can crop, chop, and drop your data into a beautiful digital display

You have plenty of opportunities for showing off your data:

  • Capture a specific area within a single dashboard, then push the data into Fugo.
  • Add frames, colors, logos, and other elements to customize the display.
  • Mix and match different captures from different platforms (like Tableau, Splunk, and Salesforce, for example).
  • Crop your dashboards to highlight a single chart or data point

5. Embed your dashboard inside other platforms

TV dashboards aren’t strictly limited to office, production floor, or conference room TVs. Fugo went the extra mile to ensure cross-compatibility with your company intranets too.

Imagine connecting your BI dashboard to communication platforms like Slack. Or pushing your data to a Notion board where everyone on your team can get the full picture without user licenses.

You can stop imagining — because it’s real. With Fugo, it’s possible in a few simple clicks.

example of a TV Dashboard embedded in Notion
Here's an example of a TV Dashboard embedded in Notion!

Using your TV dashboards to the fullest is all about displaying information to the right teams, departments, and locations. And since everything’s protected by our world-class security features, you never have to worry about malicious actors gaining control.

Which brings us to our final point. . .

6. Beef up your security

Sure, TV dashboards sound like a great idea on paper. But without robust security protocols, they could inadvertently leave you open to attack (aka not-so-nice people with not-so-good intentions).

Here at Fugo, we’re sticklers for security. You can see this for yourself in our TV dashboard features:

  • Share dashboards on a need-to-know basis without distributing sensitive credentials.
  • Specify who can access what with single sign-on and 2FA.
  • Fugo servers encrypt data in transit. We’re powered by Amazon Web Services and encrypt your data via GDPR and CCPA-compliant systems.

BONUS: engage deskless workers

TV dashboards can help you connect with traditionally deskless employees. By broadcasting data directly to TV screens, healthcare, retail, and logistics crews can get critical data on the go.

Just a few useful things to track are:

  • Patient waiting times
  • Uptime and idle rates
  • Marching orders
  • Open orders
  • Reviews
  • Alerts

And more!

Check out how Fugo customer Struers used screens to get Power BI data to their employees on the production floor:

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How to get started with Fugo’s TV Dashboards

Fugo’s TV dashboards are the easiest way to display business data at scale. By pushing your existing dashboards to TV screens you already own, you’ll get more eyes on your data, spend less on user licenses, and waste less time searching for links, logins, and credentials.


Here’s how to set up your first TV dashboard:

  1. Pair Fugo to your TV screen. You’ll get a four-digit code to connect the two via desktop.
  2. Connect your BI platform to Fugo with our setup wizard. This teaches our system how to access your specified dashboards.
  3. Push and publish data to your screen. Fugo will update your dashboard display at whatever interval you set.

You should know our TV dashboards come with every plan. There’s no jumping through hoops to get what you need — start at $20 per screen per month, then upgrade whenever you need more than three dashboards.

Not a Fugo customer (yet)? You can always try before you buy. Just sign up for a 14-day free trial and see what our TV dashboards look like in action.

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