Fugo For Quick Service Restaurants

Engage your hungry patrons and boost your sales with QSR digital signage

Time is money for QSRs. You have a short window of time to engage your get in-get out customers. Grab their attention with digital signage, connect them to your brand, and give them an overall better customer experience.

Use Fugo CMS to create digital menus for your QSR digital signage
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Fugo benefits for QSR
Not just for customers…digital signage is a win for your QSR too. Fugo helps you show off your menu, promotions, and LTO’s consistently across all your locations - driving sales and easing operations for busy managers.
Target your content
Create truly targeted campaigns by segmenting content by branch locations, zones/areas in store, or time of the day.
Smart & live menu boards
Create a digital menu and make changes on the fly. Remove sold out items, trigger a seasona.l or weather-based promotion on the day.
Automatic dayparting
Schedule your screens to auto-switch menus between breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Better customer experience
Make meals fun and cut perceived wait times with video streams, sports, social media feeds, entertainment clips and branded content.
Boost sales
Strategically schedule promotions of new items, desserts, and LTOs during peak hours of business.
Start with a template
Digital menu boards, holiday promotions, LTOs, nutritional facts, customer reviews – create and edit content with the tools you already use, or use one of our templates for inspiration.
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Take your screens further…
Some of the advanced ways QSRs can implement Fugo CMS to enhance the restaurant experience for their diners and staff
Integrate with stock management systems to launch smart advertising campaigns
Automate your menu boards by linking your screens to an OS menu
Display back-of-house kitchen information
Engage customers with touch screens for a tactile experience
Use AI to measure your audience views and engagement
Let's make it official
A little afraid to commit? Try before you buy - it's free! 14 days, on us, no credit card required and no pressure.
Built for any industry
By integrating with consumer grade and commercial screens, Fugo opens up the digital signage market to anyone in any industry looking to use screens in a more meaningful way for their business.