Fully featured cloud-based digital signage software

All in one place, all in the cloud, all in a few clicks. Any business can jump into digital signage and get the content that matters to your organization up on screen & under control.

Cloud digital signage software that lets you create, publish, update, monitor, and measure content from anywhere.
Build Your Content
Fugo Studio
Automatic Content Fitting
Build Your Content
Fugo lets you declare independence from the pricey constraints of design budgets. Build content however you want: add your own media or start from scratch in our design studio. It's all there for you in one seamless, intuitive interface.
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Manage your screens
Screen Grouping
Remote Management
Map View
Manage your screens
The beauty of Fugo is that it's totally scalable. Add and remove screens as your network evolves, and don’t sweat the changes in our software’s response. Manage one or hundreds of screens at once, from anywhere in the world.
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Publish to your screens
One Click
Offline Playback
Advanced Scheduling
Publish to your screens
Fugo makes it easy to get content up on screen. Never worry about black screens or complex processes for going live with your content. Cast it in as little as one click.
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Monitor your network
Remotely monitor the health of one or all your screens at a glance. Our smart device management dashboard pulls real-time data on all the devices in your network so you can quickly root out and remedy a problem without needing to visit your screen in person.
Make sure your content looks great from wherever you are with a live preview of your screens.
See when your screens are online or offline.
See what content is playing, paused, or upcoming.
Check your player's performance metrics: memory, free space and more.
Unite your team
Get your team working together on the cloud, from wherever they happen to be. User permissions give you control over who manages what, making it easy to roll out content across teams and locations.
Add as many users as you want for free.
Divide your users into teams with different access permissions to media assets, content and screen groups
Measure and boost your impact with analytics
You put major time, effort, and dollars into crafting the perfect display…and then? It goes live and you can only guess as to what kind of impact it has. Simple digital signage analytics tools can unlock crucial insights into your audience (without infringing on their privacy).
Face count
How many people are watching your screen?
Gaze Time
How long are they watching?
Exactly who is watching?
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We’re here to offer guidance and support
Fugo is designed to make digital signage DIY level easy, but our support team is still here for you 24/5 (and even when it’s past our bed time, you’ll find plenty of resources to guide you).