How To Set Up Your Fugo Digital Signage Player

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the setup process for your Fugo Digital Signage Player devices.

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Introducing The Fugo Digital Signage Player

To fully leverage the capabilities of digital signage displays and the communications reach of our current & future customers, Fugo has developed a custom digital signage player that confronts the challenges of procuring & deploying a fleet of secure media player devices head-on.

The Fugo Player is a Windows-based hardware powerhouse that connects to your screen and supports the latest web standards for a high-performance, user-friendly solution. With the Fugo application pre-installed, set up and deployment is simplified while helping to tackle the cost & logistics challenges of scaling a professional network.

To order your Fugo players, reach out to the team at To learn how to set up and display content on your Fugo players, read on.

Getting Started With Your Fugo Player

💡 Please note, you will need a Fugo account in order to connect to the Fugo device to our CMS. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up for one here.

Fugo players are designed to be up & running with minimal effort. When your player arrives, it will already have the Fugo application pre-installed. You'll just need to follow a few instructions to boot it up and pair it to Fugo CMS.

1. Set Up Your Player

1.1 Plug your player into a power outlet.

1.2 Connect your player your TV screen using an HDMI or Type-C cable.

1.3 Turn your player on.

2. Connect Your Player To The Internet

Initially, the player is not configured to connect to the internet. Once your player starts up, the Fugo app will automatically launch and turn the screen black. However, kiosk mode is disabled by default on the Fugo app so that you can exit the application.

You'll need to follow the steps below to exit the Fugo application upon start up & connect to the internet:

2.1 Press the ESC button to minimize the Fugo app.

2.2 Close the app by pressing the X button in the top right-hand corner of the window.

2.3 Connect the device to the internet either using Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Optional: Configure Your Player For a Video Wall

If you are using Fugo Player to power a video wall, connect each screen to the player and launch the Intel Graphics Command Center to configure it.

💡 Note: The Fugo Player comes with 1 Display Port and 2 HDMI ports. If your screen does not support Display Port, you can use a Display Port to HDMI cable.

2.4 When you're done configuring your player, start the Fugo app by double clicking the Fugo app shortcut on the desktop. This will launch the app and make it full screen.

2.5 Once the OS has loaded, you'll see a splash screen with a 4-digit PIN. We'll cover what to do with that PIN in the next section.

3. Pair Your Screen to Fugo

Note: to pair your screen, you'll need a Fugo account. If you have not registered a Fugo account yet, you can head over to in your laptop or PC browser to start your 14-day free trial.

3.1 Once you're logged into Fugo, click the purple Create button, then click Screen. Alternatively, you can go to the Screens page from the top navigation bar and click Create Screen.

3.2 Enter the PIN from the Fugo player window into the space provided.

3.3 To finish the pairing process, give your screen a name and add a location, if you want to be able to see it in Map View.

3.4 Your screen will now be listed on your Screens page.

Congratulations, you’ve added your screen! Here, have this cake 🍰 to celebrate!

Now you’re ready to start publishing content. We’ll cover that in the next section.

4. Enable Kiosk Mode

Once you have paired the player to the CMS, you can enable kiosk mode from the Screen Settings page of your player.

When Kiosk mode is turned on, it will be more difficult to close the Fugo app on the player.

Publishing Content On Your Screens

With your player all set up, you’re ready to give it something to play!

Fugo allows you to display several types of content:

You can use our Design Studio to create screen-ready content like digital posters & menu boards without having to leave Fugo for a 3rd party tool - learn how here.

When your content is ready to go on screen, you can use our friendly playlist builder to publish your content - learn how here.

How To Purchase Fugo Players


Our player is priced at $500 (€460 or £400) per device. For bulk orders, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

Buy Direct Or Through Our Sales Team

The best way to buy a Fugo Player is to directly purchase it from our website here.

Alternatively, you can reach out to your Customer Success Manager who will help you every step of the way or answer any inquiries you may have.

If you're not a Fugo customer and don't have a Customer Success Manager, you can send us an email at

If you have any additional questions on how to buy a Fugo player, need help setting up your player, or want to share any other questions or feedback about Fugo, feel free to reach out to our support team at

Happy publishing!

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