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Billing 101: Managing Screen Licenses & Payment Details
Billing 101: Managing Screen Licenses & Payment Details

This article covers all billing-related information on pricing, discounts, and how to set up your payments with Fugo.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: Pricing

Pricing plans

All pricing information can be reviewed on our website at

You can also view our pricing information from inside Fugo CMS at

Fugo currently offers 3 plans: Essential, Core, and Enterprise plans.

Essential Plan quick facts

  • No minimum screens are required

  • Can be paid monthly or annually

  • Receive 2 months free per screen per year by paying annually

Core Plan quick facts

  • No minimum screens are required

  • Can be paid monthly or annually

  • Includes features not available on the Essential plan: unlimited TV Dashboard URLs (refreshed up to once per hour), premium apps, 4K & custom canvas resolution support, screen mirroring on up to 10 displays, embeddable channels

Enterprise Plan quick facts

  • 35 screen minimum

  • Is paid annually

  • Plans are POA & tailored to your specific needs

  • Includes features not available on Essential & Core plans: unlimited TV Dashboard URLs, on premise dashboards, SSO, unlimited multi-screen mirroring, custom user roles, training on the Fugo platform, and priority support

To understand what the main differences are between the plans in terms of features covered, please refer to the breakdown below 👇

The differences between plans, broken down

The differences in coverage between the plans relate to 4 main features:

Dashboard URLs & refreshes

'Dashboard URL' refers to the URL of a dashboard from a service like Salesforce, Tableau, or any other web page that lives behind a secure login.

The 'refresh' refers to how often that dashboard can be updated on screen.

TV Dashboards is a popular feature that allows customers to display important company data securely on screens. If you're interested, you can learn more about that here.

  • Essential plan - 3 URLs, refreshed once a day max

  • Core plan - unlimited URLs, refreshed once an hour max

  • Enterprise plan - unlimited URLs with unlimited refreshes

This is a costly service for us to run on the backend, hence the caps we've put in place for the Essential & Core plans. The Enterprise plan also includes the option to display dashboards, sites, and apps that are hosted on premise, as opposed to stored in the Cloud.

Screen casting

Also knows as 'screen mirroring', refers to the casting feature we have that lets you mirror to the screens in your account from directly inside Fugo. You can learn more about this feature here.

  • Essential plan - not included

  • Core plan - mirror on up to 10 displays simultaneously

  • Enterprise plan - mirror on an unlimited number of displays simultaneously

Premium apps

This refers to any app that isn't free on all plans. The majority of our apps are free, but some are only included from the Core plan + up.

  • Essential plan - free apps only

  • Core plan - free & premium apps

  • Enterprise plan - free & premium apps

User roles & permissions

All plans include unlimited user seats, but higher tiered plans have varying levels of customization for the user roles & permissions they grant.

  • Essential plan - unlimited users, but 6 pre-configured user roles whose permissions can't be customized

  • Core plan - unlimited users, but the ability to customize the 6 roles

  • Enterprise plan - unlimited users & and the ability to create extra roles with totally custom permissions

And lastly, SSO is an Enterprise feature not available on the other 2 plans.


We provide discounts for non-profits, startups, and religious organizations.

The discounts are available through coupon codes (a.k.a. promotion codes) that our team will share with qualifying customers.

Reach out to if you have any questions about qualifying for a discount.

Accepted payment methods

We accept payment in the following currencies: USD, GBP, EUR

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Debit & credit card

  • Google Pay

  • Link

  • US bank account

  • SEPA Direct Debit

  • ACH

  • Annual invoice (upon request)

The availability of payment methods on your Checkout form is automated by our payment processor -Stripe. Available payment methods are automatically detected & displayed to you based on eligibility and region.

Let us know at if you don't see the option you need.

Section 2: Upgrading to a paid subscription

Once your 14-day free trial is over, you will be prompted to upgrade your plan and add a payment method.

💡 Note: if you do not add a payment method by the end of your trial period, your content playback may be disrupted and certain actions in the CMS will be prohibited.

Setting up your payment plan

You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time by logging into your account & heading to your Billing portal at

You can also access it from the green Account icon in the top right corner of the CMS. Navigate to the Upgrade tab to choose a plan.

Click Upgrade on the plan you want to select. Or select Contact Us to get in touch about Enterprise pricing.

This will open the payment detail form for you to fill out.

Here, you will need to:

1. Select your currency (we currently accept payment in USD, EUR, and GBP)

2. Select your payment schedule (yearly or monthly)

Then hit Subscribe. You'll designate how many licenses you want to purchase on the next page - Checkout.

On the Checkout page, you'll need to:

1. Input the number of licenses you want to purchase from the Qty dropdown under Fugo Plan.

2. Add a promotion code if you have one.

3. Follow the steps in the right hand panel to complete the process of adding your preferred payment method.

💡 Note: you are charged automatically for these plans once you add a credit card. If selecting the annual plan, you're invoiced automatically and pay for your subscription for the year per the total of screens.

Section 3: Managing your subscription

Where to find your subscription details

Your subscription details are tracked on the Billing page of your account, and include:

  • Plan type (Essential, Core, or Enterprise)

  • Current screen & channel count

  • Price per license

  • Renewal date

  • Payment schedule (monthly or yearly)

  • Your balance

You can find the Billing tab in your account portal, accessed from the circular green Account icon in the top right corner of the CMS:

Adding & removing screen licenses

💡 Note: Embeddable channels are charged at the same rate as screens. For example, 1 channel = 1 software license.

Pro-rata licenses explained

Every time you add a screen to your Fugo account, you'll be charged for that screen at full rate for the month, or pro-rata if you've added the screen in the middle of a billing cycle.

With annual plans where you’ve already pre-payed for the year, you can add screens pro-rata at any point within the annual cycle.

For example, if your subscription started on January 1st & you’re on the monthly plan and you add a screen later on in the month, then you’ll be charged a prorated amount until your subscription renews on February 1st. Once the next month begins you’ll see both screens on just one invoice.

You can also remove a screen, which will stop it from displaying content or becoming billed for in your next payment cycle.

Changing your plan

You will select your plan at the time of upgrading, and you can change your plan (Essential/Core) or payment schedule (Monthly/Annually) at any time.

You can do that from the 3 dot menu next to your Plan type.

Changing your payment method

To update or change your payment method, go to your Billing portal at

Click Add a Payment Method to re-submit a new payment information form with the updates in any information applicable (i.e. address, zip code, expiration dates, etc.).

Click Request Alternative Payment to send us a message about your preferred method of payment.

You can make changes through the portal directly, or reach out to if you have any questions or need help with payment updates.

Changing your billing email address

You can specify an email address to route your invoices & billing information to. It does not need to match the email address registered to your Fugo account.

To update your billing email address, reach out to our team at with your request.

Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription any time. To do so, go to your Billing portal at

Click the 3 dot menu next to your plan type and select Cancel Subscription from the drop down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged when my Fugo trial is up?

No. We don't ask for a credit card up front, so you'll only be charged when you decide you're ready to upgrade to a paid subscription. If you want to continue after your trial, we'll ask for payment details and resume your service.

How do screen licenses work?

Every device (that is, every screen or media player) that is connected to your Fugo account requires its own license; each license is charged at full rate for the month if it is linked to a live screen.

You can add or remove screens at any time; your current screen count & renewal date will be reflected in the billing portal of your account. With our annual plan, you prepay for the year and can add screens pro-rata at any point during the annual cycle.

Can I pay via check, purchase order, wire transfer, or BACS?

This would be considered an annual invoiced plan, and we may be able to accommodate your preferences, but please note that this plan requires certain conditions to select as your Fugo subscription.

Also note, this plan does not qualify for the annual discount incentive that is available if the plan is paid via credit card. Some companies and organizations have a purchase order or reimbursement plan available for expenses – we recommend this option to pay via credit card if available. For more information, contact our team at

I’d like to trial or use a premium feature - who do I contact?

Note that all standard and premium apps & features are available during your 14-day free trial. The easiest way to activate a premium feature or app is to subscribe to our Core plan at the end of your trial period.

If your trial period has ended or you’re on the Essential plan & are interested in activating a premium feature, such as TV Dashboards or Single-Sign-On (SSO), please contact Alternatively, you can connect with your dedicated account manager for more information.

Are any apps and integrations an extra cost to my subscription?

Most of the apps available for use and listed at are free with your Fugo subscription, with the exception of our premium apps which will be labeled as such in the app store.

There are some services which may require an additional cost to you, but you are provided with that information in advance and these are normally third-party websites that require you to sign up for their service. Our guides will also reflect if a service is a third-party website and has an additional cost.

Need more help?

If you have any questions about a specific app or service, or what plan might be the best fit for your project, please reach out to our sales team at

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