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How To Share a Company TV Channel With Fugo
How To Share a Company TV Channel With Fugo

Share or embed a virtual TV channel into your employees’ browsers or company intranet to display your Fugo content playlists.

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Keeping up with the notifications from all the tools in your organization’s tech stack can get overwhelming pretty quickly. And worse - between the emails, chats, video conferences, project management tools with real-time messaging - overcommunication can become a real problem for teams. All it takes is a couple of poorly-timed dings to disrupt our deep work and reroute our attention away from the task at hand.

With Fugo’s channels feature, you can create a virtual TV channel for your org - giving you a way to surface the information your teams need, in an ambient way that prioritizes their productivity.

Share the channel via URL your team can access in their browsers, or embed the channel into the co-working tools you’re already using like Notion, Confluence, Sharepoint, or anywhere that supports an iFrame player.

With Channels you can:

  • Group content in the most meaningful way for your org: by department, location, usage, or theme

  • Share reminders, dashboards, notices, or social media with your teams

  • Broadcast your company TV channel to all your teams no matter where they are - in the office, at home, or on the go

  • Use Fugo’s native apps to make content sharing a breeze - Google Slides, news, Looker, social media, and more

  • Create a zoned noticeboard in Fugo’s design studio to display multiple pieces of content at once

  • Schedule announcements in advance with Fugo’s playlist scheduler

  • Track the views on your channel to make sure your announcements are getting seen

Let’s get started!

1. Create a channel in Fugo Studio

1.1 Log into your Fugo Account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can start your 14-day free trial here.

1.2 Click on Channels in the top navigation bar.

1.3 Click the Create Channel button.

💡 Hint: if you want to create a private link to your channel, contact our team to get authentication set up.

1.4 Give your channel a name. We recommend naming it something relevant to who will be watching. I’ve named mine Customer Success Team.

💡 If you don’t give your playlist a name, we’ll generate a random 80’s metal band name for it 👨‍🎤

Awesome! Your channel has been created 🎉 Now let’s feed it some content!

2. Add content to your channel

2.1 Click on your channel to start adding content to it.

2.2 You’ll be taken to your channel’s dashboard where you can start adding content and view the watch count, and see a live preview of your content. To start adding content, click the Add Playlist button at the top right hand corner.

2.3 Give your playlist a name. I’ve called mine ‘Announcements.’

2.4 Select your channel where you’ll publish your playlist.

2.5 Select the content to add to your playlist. I’ve created my playlist using Fugo’s Google Slides, Looker, and World Clock apps.

2.6 Finally, if you’d like to schedule your content, you can start by indicating the start and end dates under Date Range. Tick the box for No End Date if you want your content to play indefinitely.

2.7 You can also set the week schedule by clicking and dragging along the schedule. Alternatively, you can select just Workdays or Weekends in the top right corner of the schedule if you want your playlist to run only on those days. If you want your content to run 24/7, you can click Select All.

💡 If you’re ready to publish your content right away and don’t want to schedule it in advance, you can just click Publish - this will push your content to your channel right away and play it indefinitely.

Your playlist will now show up on your channel’s dashboard:

3. Share your channel

There are two ways to share your channel - by link and by embedding it.

Sharing your channel via URL

3.1 Click the Share button to share your channel directly as a link. You can share the link via email, message, slack, social media, or more directly to your team to give them access.

Reminder: If you want your link to be private, contact us to add authentication.

Recipients of the link can copy and paste it into their browsers to view the channel:

Embedding your channel

3.2 You can also embed your channel in a website, company intranet, or coworking tool. To do this, copy the iframe code snippet. You can use it anywhere that supports an iFrame player. Like Confluence, for example:

There you have it! It’s that easy to share a virtual company TV channel with Fugo!

If you have any questions regarding set up, publishing, or hardware, you can contact our support team any time at

Happy publishing 📺

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