If you’re running into problems with the Fugo app on your Samsung SSP, such as freezing or difficulty starting the app, following the steps below might clear that up for you.

❗ Heads up: This guide gets pretty technical, and you can cause damage to or problems with your SSSP if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Be careful!

1.0 Turn your SSSP off.

1.1 Boot up into service mode by pressing (one after the other) Mute > 1 > 8> 2, and then On on your remote. Your SSSP will boot up and you’ll the service mode menu.

1.2 Scroll down to SVC and select it.

1.3 Select the Reset option.

1.4 Select Apps Reset. Wait until it’s complete and you get a confirmation message.

1.5 Finally, reboot your SSSP. You may have to manually re-download the Fugo app, but once that’s done it should be working as expected.

👉 You can find full instructions for setting up Fugo on your Samsung SSSP display here.

If you’re still having issues after following this guide, please don’t hesitate to drop a message to our support team at support@fugo.ai - they’re always happy to help!

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