Promote an event or happening with our eye-catching Countdown App to engage your audience and create hype! Whether it's a new product launch, the company Christmas Party, or an upcoming deadline, it's a fun way to bring attention to the topic and ensure that everybody is on the same page.

Customize your display easily with our Countdown App. Just pick your own background image and add a headline. Feel free to change the font style and color to fit your company visuals. Finally, add your end date and time. Voila! Why make digital signage hard when it can be easy?

Spread it across your business to notify customers of upcoming releases or use it internally to make sure your employees are aware of time-sensitive projects. This is especially useful for international teams where it’s easy to get lost in time differences.

Note: there are two ways to add content with Fugo - via our playlist builder and in our design studio. We’ll cover the steps for both methods in each section.

1. Install the Countdown app

Using the playlist builder:

1.1 Log into your Fugo Account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can start your 14-day free trial here.

1.2 Click Apps in the top navigation bar to get to our app store.

1.3 Scroll to find the Countdown app in the store. To find it even faster, you can search for it via the search bar at the top of the store!

Fugo's Countdown app for digital signage lets you add a countdown timer to an event to your digital signage content

1.4 Click Try App to create a new playlist with the app.

Using the Design Studio:

1.5 Click Studio in the top navigation bar.

1.6 This will open up a blank canvas for you to start adding content to! To add the Countdown app, either scroll to find it in the Apps menu to the left or search for it to find it faster.

1.7 Drag and drop the app onto your canvas from the menu. Or simply click on it and it will be added to your current slide.

💡 Hint: Your content slides live in the left-hand panel and can be dragged up & down to change their order.

1.8 You can drag the sizing handles of the app around to change the size. Make it smaller so you can split your screen and add other content, or make it full screen - that’s totally up to you!

Now that you’ve added the Countdown app, let’s take a look at how to customize the settings!

2. Customize the Countdown app

Using the playlist builder:

2.1 A pop-up window will appear where you can customize the app’s settings.

2.2 First, type your event's name into the Main Text field. For example, I've named my event "Super Sale".

2.3 Then, set the Deadline - the date of the event.

2.4 Set the Duration of the app (how long it will display inside a playlist. If you're not putting it inside a playlist, the duration will not matter.)

2.5 Change the Background Color or Image if you wish. Or change the font type and color as well.

2.6 You can also switch the particle effect to Snow or Stars.

2.7 Once you’re all done, click Save Changes in the bottom right corner

Using the Design Studio

2.8 Customizing the Countdown app settings works the same way in the design studio as it does in the playlist builder - all settings will be found in the panel to the left. To bring up the panel, click on the app from the canvas.

2.9 If you want to add more apps or media to your content - you can click Add Slide and start adding more apps & media to your slide carousel. Or you can split your slide to add multiple zones to your screen!

2.10 When you’re satisfied with how your content looks, click Save and Close. This will close out the design studio. To publish this content, you’ll need to add it to a playlist, which we’ll cover in the next section.

3. Build out your playlist

Note: If you want to add content you created in the studio to a playlist. You’ll need to navigate to the Playlists page by clicking Playlists in the top navigation bar and Create Playlist to start a new playlist.

3.1 Give your playlist a name (we suggest making it something relevant to distinguish it from other playlists later on down the road.)

3.2 Click Select Screens to choose where to publish your playlist.

3.3 You can also add more content to your playlist by clicking Add More Content and choosing other apps, uploading media, or from the content that you created in the studio.

Note: You can also add more content to your playlist by clicking Add More Content and choosing other apps, uploading media, or from the content that you created in the studio.

3.4 Finally, you can change the schedule of your content by setting the start and end date and clicking Week Schedule to edit the days and times your content will run.

4. Publish your playlist

4.1 Once you’re all done setting up the playlist, click Publish in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to publish or schedule your content.

4.2 If you don’t want to publish just yet, you can click Finish Later and come back to your playlist at any time.

And there you have it! If you find yourself still scratching your head, you can contact our team for help any time at

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