Fugo Enterprise Digital Signage Software

Flexible, top-down control for your entire network

There may literally be hundreds of moving parts that make up the communication machine in an enterprise environment. Fugo streamlines all those complex organizational elements with one easy, smart digital signage software.

Scale your enterprise screen network with an easy, affordable digital signage solutions provider.
Scalable. Powerful.
Tailored. Secure.
You didn’t start out as a big business, you grew into one. And you need software that can keep up as you scale your screen network.

Scalable Central Control

Manage content on hundreds of screens as if they were one from a centralised dashboard on the cloud.

Unlimited Users & Cloud Storage

Upload all the images, videos, and documents you want. Add as many user accounts as you need. Manage it all from the cloud.

Screen Device Monitoring

Monitor the uptime of your screens from bird’s eye view or dig deep with detailed player performance reports.

Device Status Notifications

Get email notifications letting you know when a device is frozen or goes offline. Spend less resources out on-site.

Advanced User Permissions

Organise groups of screens and teams with varying access permissions so they can focus on keeping their content relevant

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Seamlessly connect to your SSO provider to keep access easy and secure on your network. Contact our team to have it set up.

Customize for your company

Build around your system

Want to integrate Fugo with your own internal systems? Maybe you need to use our resources inside your own products, or tweak our functionality to better suit your organization’s needs. Our Developers Environment API gives you extra control and flexibility.

Custom integrations

Got a favorite tool you use for work that you’d like to integrate into your signage? Our team can help you map requirements and build custom apps for your organization.

Network Migration

Migrate your entire screen network from your old CMS to ours. Or save time and expenses on migration by connecting your current CMS to Fugo. Need help? Request for us to handle the migration for you.

Rest assured your data is secure

Companies all over the globe work with their teams and business-critical tools inside Fugo. We hold ourselves to industry-accepted security standards and take the responsibility to protect both our system and your data seriously.

Your data is stored and transferred via secure, encrypted GDPR compliant systems to ensure that your business is protected.

Contact us for more info on our security practices.

Enterprise-Level Support

Reach out to our support team any time 24/7 with questions. We’ll also pair you with an account manager who has your back. They’ll check in with you regularly and do periodic reviews to ensure your screen network is running smoothly.

Thanks to Fugo, we can reach all employees in an easy and reliable way, to constructively and transparently inspire teams to take actions and collaborate to reach their key results. Metric wise, we have improved all over the place - our sales are getting better and our production is faster.

Christian Ahlin

IT Manager, CIO


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