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How To Set Up OKTA SSO To Use With Fugo's TV Dashboards
How To Set Up OKTA SSO To Use With Fugo's TV Dashboards

This article will go through how to use Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta to capture your dashboards in Fugo.

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This article is for those who are using OKTA to authorize to their dashboards for display on screen with Fugo's TV Dashboards feature.

If you're an OKTA user, you will be familiar with utilizing the OKTA Verify app on your mobile phone for additional security via MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) in your login process.

Since Fugo is going to replicate your login steps to screenshot your dashboard on a dedicated server, you will need to set up Google Authenticator in order to maintain your security and let Fugo capture a screenshot at the same time.

While setting up Google Authenticator make sure that you get the secret code and use it to capture a dashboard.

Let's get started!

1. Create a service account

We've worked hard to develop the TV Dashboards feature so that your sensitive data is completely secure. But as an extra precaution we highly recommend using a 'least privileged' service account when setting up your dashboards - this is usually an account that has read-only permissions for the dashboards you want to display on your screen(s.) You can read more about how to set up a service account with Google here.

2. Set up Google Authenticator in your service account

💡 Pro Tip: We recommend that you do not remove & then setup the OKTA Verify MFA method because after adding it back, OKTA won’t send new pushes and you’ll get locked out.

You will need to add the Google Authenticator method and remove OKTA Verify (mobile app method.)

2.1 Click Admin (and verify)

2.2 Click Enable Authenticators

2.3 Click Add Authenticator

2.4 Click Add under Google Authenticator

2.5 Click Add

2.6 Click Settings in your Account menu

2.7 In the Security Methods pane, click Set up next to the Google Authenticator option

2.8 Verify

2.9 Click Set up

2.10 Click Can’t scan

2.11 Save the code somewhere safe and enter it in Google Authenticator app:

  • Open Google Authenticator on your mobile phone

  • Click the plus button

  • Select Enter a setup key

  • Enter the pin code on the next page (no screenshot)

3. Capture a dashboard in Fugo Recorder and authorize using the PIN generated by Google Authenticator

4. Enter your secret key into Fugo so our system can generate PINs as well

Check out the video to see steps 3 & 4 in action:

Need help?

If you're having trouble connecting to your dashboards, you can always reach out to our team at or start a chat with us via the chatbox in Fugo CMS.

Happy publishing!

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