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Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) With Okta For Your Fugo Account
Enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) With Okta For Your Fugo Account

This article will go through how to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta to access your Fugo account.

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๐Ÿ’ก Note: We strongly advised that you configure the functionality in a different browser window in incognito mode. This will allow you to keep the session in the regular window and turn off SSO authorization if something is configured improperly.

Setting up Okta with Fugo

The Okta Identity Cloud is a platform that securely links the right individuals to their technologies. In order to help minimize the amount of login credentials you need to track with your organization, Fugo allows you to log in to our CMS using Okta.

Here's how to set it up:

๐Ÿ’ก Note: You will need to enable Classic UI in Okta before setting up the application with Fugo.

1. In your Okta account, click Add Application from the Application list:

2. Now you will need to find Fugo on the list of pre-configured apps* and click Add:

[*Please note that the Fugo app is under review and will become available soon]

3. You will be redirected to Sign-On Options for the Fugo application. Make sure that the Default Relay State is set to

4. Scroll down below and make sure that Application username format is set to Email and click Done.

โš ๏ธ Email is the primary ID by which the user is recognized in Fugo and should not be updated on Okta's end unless you have SCIM enabled. If you don't use SCIM but need to update your end user's addresses, please reach out to our support team at

5. Open the created application and again select Sign-On tab.

Click the Identity Provider metadata to be directed to a separate tab that contains a x509 certificate. Copy the certificate and paste it into the Fugo SSO Settings in the Key x509 Certificate field.

Go back to the XML metadata file and copy the URL from the SingleSignOnService line after Location= and paste it into the SAML Sign-in URL field.

You are all set!

Make sure that you have added at least one domain before clicking Save in Fugo.

Assigning Fugo Roles & Space Memberships From Your IPD

You can now assign Fugo Roles and Fugo Space memberships when adding users to your account from your IDP. To invite new users, you simply need to make the Fugo app available for them from your IDP. When they sign in for the first time, they will be automatically added to your account with roles and space memberships as specified under the User Provisioning section.

Please note that the fugo_role attribute now requires a role name that matches the roles in your Fugo account. If the Fugo role name is not found, the new user will be assigned the default role .

Additionally, the fugo_space attribute requires a space name that matches an existing space in your account. Otherwise, the user will be added to a root space.

The default role is the admin role but it can be set to any other existing role from the Roles section

If you need help at any time, you can always drop a message in our chatbox or write to us at!

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