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Fugo Professional Services

Fugo offers Professional Services to business and enterprise clients to help them realize the ROI of their digital signage investment.

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The Disconnected Connected Company

Workplaces today are more theoretically connected than ever before - just think of the tech stack you use for work. It’s probably comprised of an overwhelming suite of messaging apps, collaborative whiteboard tools, project management boards, CRMs, video conferencing tools, business intelligence visualizations... is this sounding familiar?

According to a study by identity management firm Okta, the average company is using up to 129 apps. 129 APPS. Yet, data from Gallup suggests that despite - or perhaps because of - all these tools, only 34% of employees report that they feel engaged at work. That’s a big problem for a host of reasons, not least of which is that companies with engaged employees outperform those without by 202%.

While these figures probably won’t surprise anyone, the reality is that organizations find themselves in the tough position where they can’t afford not to solve the problem of employee disengagement but also don’t know where to put their resources towards solving it.

The Opportunity For Screens

The Link Between Communication & Engagement

The Gallup report, though concerning in its revelations, also suggests an important takeaway: employee engagement is primarily related to a sense of ownership and contribution to the company, with strategic company-wide communication as a core pillar.

“Organizations have more success with engagement and improve business performance when they treat employees as stakeholders of their own future and the company's future.”

What does that look like in practice? Giving employees the information they need to succeed in their work.

In order to bring about that highly sought-after culture of engagement, leaders must be asking themselves how the technology they adopt can be used to inspire and motivate their workforce, rather than burden them. This is where Fugo sees a key opportunity for screens.

Digital Signage & Internal Comms

Fugo Professional Services Includes Digital Signage Content Strategy

The rising tide of emails, messages, and video meetings is leading to a growing level of employee burnout and job dissatisfaction: 56% of employees feel email overload, and only 46% say they will open & read an internal email.

It’s even worse for deskless workers, who, lacking a company email or device, may be left out of the internal comms equation entirely - resorting to unofficial channels like Whatsapp for their work communication.

Enter TV screens, which exist all around us but often lay blank or devoid of any meaningful content, yet they represent an incredible opportunity to get key messages seen - without adding to the tool fatigue.

Screens are great at ambiently amplifying content and can be conveniently deployed wherever they’re needed - from busy sales centers and office spaces to warehouse back offices and shipping floors.

There’s so much untapped potential in digital signage screens for getting internal comms right. But it doesn’t stop there. Beyond amplifying a few key pieces of content, screens can even be put to use toward solving some of your more complex business challenges - but to get there requires some strategic thinking around a few things:

  • Audience: how do you define and organize your intended audiences?

  • Environment: how do you deliver content to people where they’re at in a format that’s appropriate for their working environment?

  • Impact: what kinds of company goals do you have that smart communication can help solve, and how do you create screen content that can drive the kind of impact you need?

That’s ultimately what we’re here to help you with, and the reason we’ve decided to launch Fugo Professional Services.

Fugo Professional Services helps your organization to plan and execute a digital signage strategy aligned with your business goals. Working together, we can help you plan a screen network deployment and intentional content strategy with digital signage as the heartbeat of your connected workplace.

What happens when I opt-in for Pro Services?

You will be assigned a dedicated Enterprise Success Manager from the very start of your project who will dig deep and get to understand the communication challenges you face day-to-day as a business and how we can use digital signage to resolve them. You will also have unlimited access to our wider suite of experienced team members - project managers, strategy consultants, and hardware & software experts.

Together, we will guide your business to plan and execute a digital signage strategy that is unique to your organization’s needs. Our committed team will be by your side from set-up and optimization of your account to planning what and how you will distribute your content across your organization.

Our technical team will too be on hand to build any custom integrations you require, ensuring the smoothest possible solutions are created, maximizing your return on investment.

What’s included within my Pro Services?

Your business needs are unique, and that is why our Pro Services are fully bespoke, but it includes all of the below as standard:

  • Fugo Account Set-Up & Optimization

  • Dedicated Enterprise Success Manager

  • Bespoke Content Strategy

  • Content Creation Assistance

  • Expert Hardware Guidance

  • Unlimited Fugo Training

  • Custom App Development

  • Reporting

  • Full Migration Services

Fugo Account Set-Up & Optimization

Our team is going to help you figure out how to set your organization up on Fugo so that the platform is efficient and effective for your needs. For instance, you may have a small team managing the dissemination of content across your network, or you may want to open it up wider and get employees at every level of your organization involved in contributing content. To do that requires some forethought in setting up your creators and managers inside spaces, organizing assets and permissions, and ensuring that each person has access to the tools that will empower them to use Fugo to their advantage. Fugo was thoughtfully designed with features that let your teams strike a balance between oversight and collaboration - we will help you optimize your account set up to find the right balance.

Dedicated Enterprise Success Manager

We guarantee a dedicated single point of contact for your account so that you always know where to turn to if you have any issues, questions, or just want to chat about ways to further enhance your digital signage experience and strategy. This human is affectionately called your Enterprise Success Manager for good reason, as their sole purpose is to guarantee your success.

Bespoke Content Strategy

Sometimes it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it. So you might have a fleet of impressive screens, but not be 100% sure on exactly what to show to best engage your audience. This is where we step in, auditing your current flows of communication and digital signage content and providing a comprehensive list of content recommendations focused on:

  • Targeting the right audience with the right message

  • Pulling information from your most important organizational resources and internal systems

  • Curating compelling and actionable content that can be measured against your overall business objectives and refined for improvement

  • Inspiring moments of human connection and real-world action that lead to authentic employee engagement

Expert Hardware Guidance

Our expert technical team knows digital signage hardware like no other. We have worked in this space for over a decade, so we know the best screens, players, and accessories for every type of set-up. Our Enterprise clients also benefit from access to our exclusive special rates on hardware and AV installations through our extensive partner network.

Unlimited Fugo Platform Training

Your staff needs to know how to use Fugo to get the most out of it. So we provide unlimited training as a standard for all our enterprise clients. We understand that staff sometimes leave, new staff arrive, or they just need a top-up on their training, which is why we provide it on an ongoing basis as part of your Pro Service package at no extra charge.

Custom App Development

No two companies are the same, even within the same field! So at Fugo we understand that bespoke solutions such as custom app integrations are an essential part of your success. Our technical team is ready and waiting to code away your problems and create smooth solutions to connect the apps your business already uses and loves, to your digital signage.

Complete Reporting & Statistics

Fugo reporting goes beyond the standard spreadsheet. We can capture insights and data that is truly useful to your business, such as playback/screen downtime statistics and even viewer engagement statistics.

Full Migration Service

We get that you might have started your digital signage journey some time ago and feel stuck with your current software provider. Rest assured and stress no more, because full migration to the Fugo platform is included in your package as part of your Enterprise Onboarding!

How will we measure your digital signage ROI?

We have a 3 step approach to tracking the ongoing success for our Enterprise Pro Service clients:

Measurement: Using the native analytic tools inside Fugo, you can get valuable data on playback and audience engagement.

Evaluate & Evolve: We can work with you to outline a system to measure the heartbeat of your digital signage campaign and track how achievement is progressing against your original objectives. This can be reflected back into your content strategy and refined until you’re hitting your goals.

Feedback: Our success team will conduct periodic reviews to collect your feedback and get a first-hand assessment of the success and your digital signage project.

How do I start?

Get in touch with our Enterprise Pro Services team today to find out how we can help you and learn more about our Pro Services.

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