Transit App Guide

When your students, employees, or visitors rely on public transport to get from A to B, they probably turn to their phones 📱for updates & directions. Imagine if you could make it easier for them to find out when and where they need to catch their next ride (Hint - it involves using your screens instead of theirs 🤓)

Bring Updates to Your Audience ✔️

Pixelart’s Transit app lets you centralize all nearby public transit schedules into one place - your screen! Get real-time updates on all the buses, metros, trams, and other transport within half a mile radius (1000 meters) of your location! It works beautifully 😍 in all sorts of use cases:

  • Hotels who want to help their guests discover the city with public transport
  • Schools and universities whose students depend on local transport for traveling to & from campus
  • Offices whose employees need to keep a close eye on departure times in order to get home to their families
  • Venues who may host out-of-town travelers and event attendees who want to get the layout of the locale

With Pixelart’s Transit App You Can:

  • Set your location to your exact address
  • Show real-time schedules for buses, metros, trams, trains, and more (see all the kinds of transport coverage available here)
  • Determine the radius of departure stops to include (between 0-1000 meters)
  • Add schedules for one or more modes of transit to your transit dashboard