QR App Guide

A QR code lets you link information on a physical screen with your internet page.


Add the app into your Studio canvas or add it as a fullscreen app in your playlist.


  1. Change the URL to the page you want customers to open
  2. Make duration greater if you think that it might take longer for your customers to scan the code in your circumstances

Best practices

  1. Make sure that the contrast between the code and background is great when it's not black & white. The code should be dark and the background should be light, otherwise scanning apps won't be able to decode the message.
  2. If signage is too far away from customers, make sure that the code is big enough. The rule of thumb is that the code should be 10th of the distance from which it will be scanned. So if the screen is 2 meters away, make sure that the app is at least 20 cm big.