How to Install Fugo On Your IAdea Media Player

IAdea players are robust, professional digital signage players that make a great hardware option for screen networks that have higher demands for reliability.

As an official IAdea partner, Fugo supports all of its digital signage players!

If you're deciding which player to go with, make sure to purchase one with Android 7.1, as they'll be able to support more Fugo Apps.

As for our pick, we recommend the MBR-1100 A7. Its stability and affordability make it one of the most popular digital signage players on the market. If you're planing to build video walls with 4K video playback, then IAdea players from the XMP series will definitely be your friend 👍

This guide will walk you through how to pair your IAdea player with Fugo.

Let’s get started!

Before installing Fugo onto your device, make sure:

  • Your player is connected to the screen via HDMI cable.

(Note: if you’re looking to build a screen wall/mosaic, contact about an integrator 😎)

  • Your player is updated with the latest firmware

1.Installing Fugo

1.1 Go to the homepage of the IAdea Player app. You can do this by clicking and holding the left mouse button in any corner of the screen.

1.2 Select the Set Content button.

1.3 In the content URL box, enter:

1.4 This will launch the Fugo Player app on your screen:

From here, you’ll need to follow the steps for pairing your screen to Fugo CMS. You can find instructions for that here.

If you have any questions regarding set up, publishing, or hardware, you can contact our support team any time at