Google News App Guide

Fugo’s Google News app provides you a way to stay up to date on the latest headlines without the distraction of a live broadcast.

So how exactly does it work? By broadcasting the news in digestible bits and pieces, it’s perfect for those who want to know what’s going on but don’t want to listen to the noise of a live TV news show.

It makes a great addition to any playlist inside an office, lobby, gym, school, or anywhere your audience may be tuning into the news.

All you have to do is install the app, set your preferences, publish it and bam, done!

With Fugo’s Google News app you can:

  • Select your favorite Google News topic - World, Nation, Business, and more
  • Set the duration for your app inside a playlist
  • Set the delay between headlines
  • Customize the header, summary, and background colors, edit at any time and watch your changes instantly update on screen!

Here’s a step by step process:

1.Install the Google News App

1.1 Log into  your Fugo Account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can start your 14-day free trial here.

1.2 Click “Apps” in the top navigation bar  to get to our app store.

1.3 Scroll to find the “Google News News” app in the store. To find it even faster, you can search for it via the search bar at the top of the store!

1.4 Click “Try App” to create a new playlist with the app.

Now that you’ve added the app to a playlist, let’s take a look at how to customize the settings!

2. Customize the Google News App

2.1 A pop-up window will appear where you can customize the app’s headline and appearance settings.

2.2 First, select which topic you’d like to display headlines for: Top Stories, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, etc...

2.3 Next, you can set the duration for your app (how long it will run inside of a playlist before the next piece of content.)

2.4 Now you can decide how much of a delay to have between headlines by setting the seconds in “Next Post Delay.”

2.5 Finally, you can change the look of your app by setting the headline, summary, and background colors.

2.6 When you’re done, click “Save Changes” at the bottom right of the window.

Hint: if you want to change the settings of the app at any point later, just click the “Setup” button on the app’s panel on the playlist page.

Almost done! Now that you’ve got the app set up to your preferences, let’s finish building your playlist and publish it.

3. Build Your Playlist

3.1 Name your playlist (we suggest making it something relevant to distinguish it from other playlists later on down the road.)

3.2 Click “Select Screens” to choose which screens or screen groups to publish your playlist to.

3.3 If you want, you can add more content to your playlist by clicking “Add More Content” and choosing other apps or uploading media.

3.4 Finally, you can change the schedule of your content by setting the start and end date, and clicking “Week Schedule” to edit the days and times your content will run.

4. Publish Your Playlist

4.1 Once you’re all done setting up the playlist, click “Publish” in the top right hand corner of the screen to publish or schedule your content.

4.2 If you don’t want to publish just yet, you can click “Finish Later” and come back to your playlist at any time.

And there you have it! If you find yourself still scratching your head, you can email for help!